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Oh thanks! I loved your last blog article !!!
Oct 22, 2013 by
Thanks! I love 'em! Now I can't find that thing about pigeons. Maybe it was ravens anyway.
Aug 28, 2013 by Sarah
I have to think a minute about how many cats we have. It's eight. Pigeons can instantly recognize a higher number than people can. I guess a pigeon could instantly know if all cats are accounted for at feeding time, whereas humans have to count them. Sorry, getting off subject a little. We have two newer kittens that my sister rescued. All our cats were orphans except for Miss Tribbles that my husband says was the runt of the litter and needed extra attention.
Aug 28, 2013 by Sarah
Love your pictures! Glad you like Hefalump! He is a nice guy!
Aug 18, 2013 by Sarah
It doesn't have to be related to RP :D!!! Could be any photograph!

Oh and I had a question concerning Russia. I read 'Mind & Tissue' by Peat a while ago, then I read Pavlov and a bit of his student Anokhin, and now I read Luca Turin's biography who went to Russia for a while. From all this I get the impression that Russia is the coolest country in the world, with people having the best attitude ever! They appear much more down-to-earth, less interested in their own gains. But of course I never went there haha!

So I wanted to ask you - how did Russians come across when you were there? Did you like the culture? You don't have to answer if you're working on your thesis!
Aug 17, 2013 by
Thanks Bruno :) I am so glad you like my photos! I'm afraid the one of the fan is not relative to RP..... well, maybe. It was taken at an old abandoned mental institution, so I guess it could represent an authoritarian/repressive gov't ;)
Aug 16, 2013 by Lindsay
Good luck with that lecomer! I saw the recent pic you uploaded, I honestly can't get enough of all your photographs! Not sure why, but that last one you uploaded is mesmerizing. Your 'The People' blog post still is my favorite though haha!
Aug 16, 2013 by
Thanks Bruno :) I need to get out more often with my camera..... maybe when i finish my thesis and my life can "officially" move on.....
Aug 13, 2013 by Lindsay
Thanks Lecomer :D! I should do more like those, colours are fun! But nothing compared with your photographs though, these are da bomb diggidy (saywhut?) !!
Aug 12, 2013 by
That's strange I can't post anything in your profile. I'll look into it. Awesome photographs btw :O!!!
Aug 5, 2013 by