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Sep 14, 2013 by fat cat
Nice painting thread, I like it! I'm working on notifications btw, won't be perfect but it will be this red little circle one the 'Profile' menu thing item, having the number of new notifications.
Aug 21, 2013 by
LOL Lemonhead have you been spreading fake quotes again :D?
Aug 18, 2013 by
Yes I was too :D
Jul 21, 2013 by
Full mail :

"I can't imagine what that person has in mind when he says "that would involve binding, reducing...." The activity of those enzymes, probably of all enzymes, involves a great variety of processes. The turnover rate of both RNA and protein are just two of the regulatory processes, and "binding" to the protein isn't a factor in the RNA turnover. Many of the things influencing the amount of cytochrome activity are very indirect. Carbon monoxide can inactivate them, increasing heme synthesis can activate them, and those factors are complexly regulated. With certain lipids, certain cytochromes are activated or inhibited. Some carcinogens activate the Cyp1A1 enzyme, which can activate carcinogens as well as inactivate them. Butter has the opposite effect. Fish oil can activate some cytochromes, with conditionally protective effects, but itself creates DNA adducts.
The Russian article was a translation published by the US NTIS*, around 1984; they probably have an index somewhere; my copies of the NTIS publications are all in a garage in Oregon. Who is lemonhead?"
Jul 19, 2013 by
Oh sorry I hid something in the main theme (the user type) and forgot that this also hides the private message thing! It's solved now.
Jul 11, 2013 by
danish people..
Jul 3, 2013 by fat cat
Jul 3, 2013 by fat cat
And the guy who registered that website also registered a website under the e-mail address on the website I gave. Confused bout the russian address but it says danish in the introduction :D
Jul 2, 2013 by
Forgot to mention - I *think* that is Alex.
Jul 2, 2013 by