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Why is Cynomel Lowering my Temperature?

At 25 mcg of Cynomel my temp was averaging 97.9 F.
So, if I add more T3 my temp should go up, right? At 37.5 mcg my temp is at 97.2 F.
Can anyone crack this mystery? And please none of the adrenal fatigue BS.

asked Mar 27, 2013 by selena
Might not be relevant to you, but Kiran had a couple suggestions for Peatarian who couldn't even get results with a dozen T3 pills a day:

Maybe you're similarly unaffected by the oral T3, and have some additional stressor that dropped your temperature?
As far as the dosage goes, what kind of duration are we talking about?
The change from 97.9 to 97.2 might not actually be significant if you're looking at a small time frame, like over the course of a few days.

Do you feel better with the higher dose?

Edit: Not to imply that you're stupid or anything =) Sometimes it's just the obvious or small things that need changing.

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maybe you need t3/t4 combo for better results

answered Mar 28, 2013 by Nemesis
I've tried the combo and it gave me similar results.

How are you taking the cynomel? Nibbled throughout the day? All at once? With meals?

I find that after a while taking cynomel by itself didn't raise my temperature that much, and taking more definitely made things worse - headaches, fatigue, etc.

I think if you are using a lot of T3 but don't have adequate cofactors - Vitamin A, Cholesterol, copper, fructose etc., then it can be very stressful to you.

From DannyRoddy's Ray Peat's Brain Article"

"With any product, a single dose of T3 of about 4 mcg is close to the physiological range; sometimes a smaller amount is enough."

answered Mar 28, 2013 by cbar
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I'm not sure that T3 can be converted into RT3, can it? As far as I'm aware only thyroxine (T4 ) can. People usually use T3 therapy  to clear out RT3.
You're right.  It's only T4.  I was thinking of cynoplus causing this issue which is both.
I'm nibbling the T3 through out the day with meals.
A lot of this is wrong. T3 can turn into RT3. If you eat a lot of it at once, for instance.
Artichokes, can you link to anything that confirms this?  From what I researched, RT3 is only formed from thyroxine (T4).

Hi I am trying to find more info on Cynomel before trying it but all references to private-corresponding return page not found message. Were they all deleted?