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Progesterone/Pregnenolone Rebound Effect

I was just wondering if there is such a thing as a rebound effect from taking either Progesterone or Pregnenolone. knowing they have a specific half-life in our bodies, what happens when they're used up/excreted? Do we get a rebound effect, like a surge from estrogen , cortisol or aldosterone even, depending which one was elevated?

This question popped in my head because some people seem to have negative effects, like irritability or sadness, from taking those supps. I have experienced this myself occasionally. I doubt they are caused by Progesterone or Pregnenolone per se as they appear to resemble the effects from either cortisol or other stress hormones.

I'm confused...

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Ok so I was just thinking... What if feeling depressed after taking Pregnenolone or Progesterone has to do with the fact that it lowers cortisol, and according to what I've been reading, low cortisol is associated with depression whereas HIGH cortisol may cause temporary euphoria. What if that euphoria people feel is the actual rebound effect?

I have been taking 100mg Pregnenolone every 12 hours and I'm feeling super depressed but at the same time I feel more creative and somehow more myself. One thing I notice though is that once I get exposed to sunlight those feelings go away; so what if suppressed cortisol reveals a true low thyroid state and sunlight somehow compensates for it?

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I have to ask. How can you possibly feel super depressed and creative at the same time?  That would seem like a contradiction in terms to me.
Perhaps depressed was not the right word. I think sad might be more appropriate.
I understand sad and creative. That does make sense.
     I always assumed people like writers and artists who were said to be depressed must have been bipolar, because that would account for the creativity.

To add to this - anyone has any support for Peat's claim that it lowers stress (or cortisol)? Peat only mentions one study that he can't give me, apparently. I've seen no lowering in cortisol from pregnenolone in 2 studies (a clinical trial on schizophrenia and a study on sleep - both measured serum levels of a couple of hormones).

I think it's analogous to going on a diet and missing real food. When I ran out of pregnenolone for awhile after taking, for me anyway, low doses I felt really bad. I think it was 50mg at first then after that more in the range of 1000mg. When I upped the doses I felt much better.

I don't know if it was a surge of stress related hormones when I stopped or just being more aware of the absence of something that made things better.

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Wow, that's a lot of pregnenolone. I am concerned about taking 150 mg daily. Do you think it's a safe supplement? And why did you stop? Have you fixed metabolic issues otherwise?
I stopped because I ran out of money. What metabolic issues? I guess my pulse is about 80 BPM and temps are good if that's what you mean. I actually take it for my varicose veins, arthritis, anxiety etc. though.

RP said he took 3000mg, about the amount in a tablespoon, for a year. That must have been awhile ago, like decades, and he's not dead. He mentioned a study via e-mail where rats were given 10,000mg in a single dose, with no ill effects. He said it was the equivalent of a pound of pregnenolone for a human =)
A pound?! Alright, I drop my concerns :). I didn't know Peat was sooo fond of pregnenolone. He had an intense love affair with the substance.