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How to Make Dessicated Thyroid?

Yes folks, I am wondering if anyone here knows how to make your own dessicated thyroid, from raw thyroid glands!

I used to just use little pieces of the raw, frozen thyroid, but that got to be too much of a pain to measure out and store, espeically while travelling. I've been using the Nutri-Meds porcine thyroid caps for awhile now, but it doesn't seem very...potent...(if it does anything at all...).

I've been searching online, but haven't come up with any instructions that seem definitive. I did see a forum post where someone said you basically mince it, dry it, grind it up, and then wash it in some sort of "spirits" to remove the fat (I'm guessing to extend shelf life?). Wouldn't it be enough to just dry would sort of be like thyroid pemmican then, right? ;-) And pemmican is supposed to last a while at room temp I think.
There HAS to be an old recipe or instructions for this somewhere!!!
Thanks :)

created Feb 19, 2013 by Zzzzz
Where do you get your thyroid you live  near a slaughterhouse ?
Can you just a thyroid gland? (Stupid question I know). How much can you safely eat?
I get them from a bison farm near-ish where I live.  They do requre a doctor's note for people to buy them, though, because of regulations and stuff.  
Yes, you can actually just eat thyroid glands!  I think Dr. Peat reccomends cooked, but I was on a raw food kick when I started experimenting with them, so I just ate the little pieces raw.  He says that about 1/7 gram of a thyroid gland is a typical daily dose.  I'm not sure what the equivilant in grains would be though...When I measured it out in raw thyroid on my gram scale, the pieces were pretty tiny--about the size of a kernel of unpopped popcorn.
I did go a bit overboard at first, and made my self a bit hyperT for awhile (like, resting heart rate of 150-160!!!) but I was taking probably 4x as much as Dr. Peat reccomeneded, so it was kind of my fault.  :-P Oops.
So, as long as you're smart about it, I think its safe.  I feel safer with the natural supplements than with the synthetic, at least.
You need to obtain a freez drying vacuum machine like one they use for taxidermy and dry ice.  Then you will be left with just crumbling powder that can be mixed together and then assayed.  Once you know the amount of t4 and t3 you can encapsulate them for standardization.  Once you do this post again and I will buy them from you.  I hope you develop a predictable standardized product this would be very profitable.
Thank you Wisteria!
I will look into freeze drying...that sounds pretty interesting.  What would be the difference between dehydrating it and freeze drying it?  From looking at the difference between dehydrated and freeze dried fruit it looks like freeze drying removes all of the moisture, so probably gives a longer shelf life?
I was mainly thinking about making it for personal use, but if I could figure out all the hoops to jump through to sell it that would be pretty cool :)
Freez drying does not use heat that can breakdown the delicate protein structures and  molecules such as t4, t3 or calcitonin not to mention all the potentially biologically active components.  When tissue is frozen and the placed in a vacuum the solid will release its liquids such as water as a vapor with out having to be liquid.  This process is called sublimation.