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Has Anyone Successfully Got Progest-e Into Canada?

Was going to order from Vitamin Express but it says Progest is a restricted substance in Canada so I'm afraid if I try and order it they'll just confiscate it at customs.

Has anyone had any success and if so through what sites?

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Amazing news! Thanks to Lilly for the email address This is the response I got from them - hopefully this helps out other Canadians :)

Many years ago progesterone-containing products were restricted in Canada, but in recent years, there has been no problem. Someone in Canada said she heard about new legislation which would once again restrict importation. We haven't heard anything since, and nothing we have shipped to Canada has been returned by Customs.

If you want to order the Progest-E Complex, we suggest ordering only 1 bottle. If there is new legislation, and it is returned to us within 30 days of the mailing date, you would get a refund on the product cost (not the shipping fee). The current price for 1 bottle is $30.50 USD and the fee for First Class Package International shipping is $8 USD, making the total including shipping $38.50 USD. If all goes well, you can always order more later. Plus, you will have had a chance to find out what your personal rate of use is, which can vary quite a bit from person to person.

The Progest-E Complex may be ordered by email or by fax at US (541) 485-8781.

To process an order we require: The complete shipping address, your telephone number, and credit card number, along with the expiration date.

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Sending the credit card number via the email is NOT a good idea.
Great!:-)  I hope you get it. I order via Pay Pal,it seems safest

Try to find out would it change the situation if you order it directly from the manufacturer

replied Feb 14, 2013 by Nemesis

Just confirming that my order arrived with no issues (or even charges) from customs. Took 2 weeks.

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Take that customs

I wonder about Germany. If anyone has tips, please share!

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