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Pure Aspirin

Have you found pure aspirin? CVS aspirin is just starch and aspirin, but it makes me feel like I have asthma. There's animal aspirin on Amazon--has anyone used it?
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you could dissolve the aspirin in warm water and the starch will rise to the top
Cliff, doesn't the starch sink to the bottom?
Then what? You scrap off the top? Pour it off?

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Do you have a history of asthma?  White willow bark, which is used for pain and is what aspirin is based on, can sometimes cause asthma attacks.  Here's a link that talks about it.  You might just not be able to handle aspirin right now.  How much have you been taking when it makes you feel as though you have asthma?

Of course, the reason that it might cause an asthma attack is what you would really want to find out.  If salicylic acid clears out estrogen (and it clears out uric acid, too), your reaction might indicate that there's something in your lungs that needs to be cleared out.  But of course you don't want to actually bring on an asthma attack.

Have you tried sodium bicarbonate?  That might be a better supplement in your case.  But I just had a thought that if you mix sodium bicarbonate and some crushed aspirin in some orange or lemon juice, the salicylic acid might turn into sodium salicylate, and not bother you quite so much.

Whoops, forgot the link!

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No, I don't have a history of asthma. In one of Lita Lee's newsletters, she quotes Peat saying that most all aspirins have enough impurities to cause asthma reactions in some people. I haven't seen any evidence that aspirin will 'clear out' lungs.
This book explains the role of uric acid in asthma and the effect of aspirin(salicylic acid) on uric acid.  If you have tissue bound uric acid in your lungs, the aspirin pulling uric acid into the bloodstream can cause a temporary problem there.

After awhile the deposits of acid get removed and the sensitve areas get cleaned out, too.

But you can clean out your aspirin like Cliff described or find some clean stuff and experiment and let us know.
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