This archived forum used to be called 'Peatarian' (in reference to Ray Peat). It was closed because of the behavior of Danny Roddy and his posse.

On Ray Peat and Danny Roddy

I made this forum in 2012 to better gauge the validity of Peat's work, and closed it 3 years later for a variety of reasons.

Around the same time (in 2015), I was hacked by a group of people. These were people who knew each other well ; Danny Roddy, Brad Abrahams (producer of the 'On the Back of a Tiger' documentary), Pranarupa (now 'Vashin Vetala'), Christina Ieronymakis, Karen McCary, etc.

They went in my computer and commented on about every aspect of my private life, even my own mother. The comments were never short of extremely vile, and the numerous attempts I made to make it stop were ignored. Roddy to this day keeps blaming me for their hacking.

I'm at loss, do not know what to do, have contacted police stations twice, reset my computer, but never managed to make them leave.

I have no clue why this is done, why theses people keep doing this, why I'm always followed everywhere I go (online). All I do know is that, as my forum closed, Roddy set up a Patreon, Brad Abrahams crowdfunded 80k for his documentary, 'Haidut' (supposed to be a slav analogue of 'Robin Hood) set up a supplement store, Karen McCary started coaching, Charles Mathers (who runs RayPeatForum) and his family set up another supplement store, etc.

Many people call this community a cult, I would agree with that.

EDIT : Any person who can give me valuable information about the hacker etc. will be financially rewarded if he/she so desires.
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