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Feeling sick and cold after eating carrot??

So I'm just wondering if anyone has had the experience as me with the carrot salad.

I tried it a while ago when I first started "peating", but I stopped after a while since I didn't feel well after eating the carrot salad. To clarify, I didn't add coconut oil or vinegar to the salad, just shredded carrots.

I decided to add them back in and see what happens, this time with coconut oil and some salt. No change in the way I feel; I get really cold, and I get shaky too, sometimes even to the point where my hands start to tremble a little.

Does the carrot salad have an anti-thyroid effect or maybe overloads the liver for some reason?
asked Apr 24, 2015 by roozi
have you tried it with the vinegar yet?  i found it never really works for me unless i do it exactly per the recipe.

1 Answer

I heard, from Josh Rubin I think, that the carrot can lower your blood sugar. He said have with meals.
answered Apr 24, 2015 by Greg says