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Administering Raw Garlic

A couple months ago i was undergoing some intense life stress and at the same time i had developed this persistent cough.  I could tell at the same time that i was dealing with high serotonin so i thought perhaps a doctor would prescribe me antibiotics if i complained about the cough.  so when i got on the antibiotics the entire world changed and all my serotonin problems went away within a few days.  

I am still struggling with some symptoms of high serotonin and was wondering if anyone here has experience using raw garlic as an antibiotic or to reduce serotonin.  What is your method?  How often do you take it?  How much at a time?  Minced, whole?  etc.  I also wonder how raw garlic would compare to the carrot salad - what makes them different?  The carrot salad seems like it's both antibiotic and also encouraging of elimination.  Garlic seems like it would be a much stronger antibiotic than a carrot, but not encourage elimination as much.
asked Apr 22, 2015 by Nicholas

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I use garlic, onion and oregano in oil form. These are the strongest, safest anti-microbials I've been able to find in Peat's work.

I mix these (2 parts) with DMSO (6 parts) and urea (2 parts) (10 parts total), following this patent:

There is no smell of sulphur that anyone reports, though I'm around people quite a bit.

I find this is far more potent than carrot salad, and avoids the bulk from the carrot.

I think it's estimated that 3/4 of your serotonin is produced in the gut, and Peat describes how a vicious serotonin/endotoxin feedback loop can strike in an inflamed gut.

A germ-free gut combined with copious perspiration and very bright redlight seems to me to be the key to reducing gut serotonin, however you may achieve it, in turn boosting oxidative metabolism.
answered Apr 22, 2015 by visionofstrength
May you link the product source for DMSO, and the oils?
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Garlic almost certainly has hormonal effects which, i suppose, act through its gut disinfectant and anti-serotonin properties. I haven't sifted through the evidence regarding raw garlic in any detail though but over a relatively long period of self experimentation I gather that it appreciably raises testosterone/lower estrogen (take your pick). During that period I don't remember submitting to a cold or any other ailment. It is however as Ray cautions, quite caustic on the tummy though one gets used to it. Also, one tends to outright reek which led me to stop it.

My way was to simply swallow the freshly peeled garlic whole for smashing them or cutting them in small pieces would prevent reasonable human contact for at least a week afterward.

As an alternative, I find ginger, preferably soaked overnight in lemon juice quickly produces what I imagine to be an anti-serotonin and noticeably anti-flatulent effect within minutes of ingestion.

Coughs are notoriously persistent anyway, perhaps because phlegm stubbornly adheres to the surface of the lungs. I think patient steam inhalation is the best way to get totally rid of it.
answered Apr 22, 2015 by marital_weeping
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I had garlic last night with baby carrots and an avocado.  The carrots and avo help wash it down.  

With this meal I also have some ghee and sometimes a little cheese.  It makes a good gut enhancing meal.
answered Apr 23, 2015 by raintree