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high cortisol and high estrogen

what could be the cause of this? cortisol, peat wise, is obviously from decreased sugar consumption. ok.. but where does the estrogen come into play?

why would someone in this condition (me) feel better doing high fat, low carb? but still including some cheese and milk.
asked Apr 20, 2015 by kingsanders

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Forget all this crap.  Get cyproheptadine and take it until it drives your stress hormones into the ground.  It reduces cortisol histamine estrogen prolactin and serotonin.  You may gain weight, but it doesn't matter.  You may feel like a zombie.  Drink some coffee to compensate.  If you have thyroid you can take that too, but I would wait until you are on cypro on a consistent basis for a couple weeks.
answered Apr 21, 2015 by Ray Peat is a God
is this peatarian satire?  : )
Ray Peat is a God: care to share why and your experience with cypro and the doses etc
Take cypro start with 1 mg and work ur way up.  I could not use thyroid without the stress response my stress hormones were too high.  Cypro brought them down and allowed me to take it. I have a lot less anxiety too. Great drug.
Im doing 1mg atm but i dont notice much. I want to loose some fat but mainly get ridd of my water retention, estrogen dominance. i store water in face and lower body.
there is never one cause for any stress hormone being high.  you could waste years trying to figure out the exact mechanisms behind all these things, or you could focus on these five variables every day:  eating enough through the day and per meal for your current state, eating frequently enough for your current state, eating the right balance of macronutrients per meal for your current state, avoiding foods which cause you inflammation in your current state, and getting a wide nutrient spectrum from easy enough to digest foods.  Life circumstances are also *just as* impacting on your body as nutrition - so you have to weigh those variables in as well to assess the situation accurately.

If you are measuring temp. & pulse per Broda Barnes method, taking into account how you feel at these measurements then....congratulations, you are doing the only human thing you can do to follow what Peat describes as the only valid protocol:  "to perceive, think, and act."  If you haven't already, look into the Clara Davis study and consider what it may mean to re-learn intuitive eating.
answered Apr 21, 2015 by Nicholas
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