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Higher altitude states have fewer kids with ADHD

"The thin air of America's higher-elevation regions may reduce the risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a new study suggests.

Researchers reported that the occurrence of ADHD decreases substantially as altitude increases. For example, Utah has an average state elevation of 6,100 feet. That state's ADHD rate is half that of states at sea level, they said."
asked Apr 20, 2015 by raintree
If they didn't isolate to whites I doubt they actually found anything. Also, ADHD just means school teachers think you're stupid or annoying -- not a particularly meaningful label.
I wouldn't discount the possibility that the attitude is having an affect on attention, as people at higher altitudes tend to produce more mitochondria, have more carbon dioxide in their tissues, and produce more T3 (all of those factors could plausibly improve concentration).
It doesn't matter what schools think.  The point is, you can go live at an altitude and get skinny and crazy.  It could be good for your kids,  too.  Hello, SLC is Prozac Valley.  The altitude either makes you sick or it fixes your imaginary health problems?  Or no, it causes them.  I post the studies BECAUSE they are stupid.