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Vitamin E and K problems

I saw the recent topic started about vitamin E and K supplementation, and thought about posting there, but then decided to make a separate topic.

I have experimented with Vitamin E and Vitamin K in various forms. Vitamin E in oil, powder form, mixed tocopherols, or alpha-tocopherol, etc. Vitamin K as Vitamin K1, K2-MK7, K2-MK4 (Thorne), etc. Both these Vitamins cause issues, in low doses as well as in high doses. Vitamin E produces a really strange mental state, and Vitamin K produces insomnia, anxiety, allergic symptoms..

Is there something wrong with me since I react badly to these supplements? It seems most people either get good effects, or don't experience any effects at all, especially at lower doses (like 100 mcg vitamin K, or 100 IU vitamin E). I experience very bad side-effects even at these small doses. Anyone else out there with similar experience?
asked Apr 17, 2015 by freshness
Vitamin E often comes in, say, a sunflower oil solution, which could be enough to make some people feel weird...

...but I think this kind of this is common, in that you try something and it makes you feel weird, but sometimes if you try it again under different circumstances (i.e. combined with other changes) it makes you feel better. It's about finding a synergy that works for you, and continuing to refine it.

Sometimes something doesn't work for your specific circumstance, so you don't bother with it, but then later down the line you may come back to it for different reasons and it helps you.

What works best for me is trying certain things to fix a specific symptom (I know this may immediately sound stupid, but wait) WHILST continuing to think holistically, and choosing therapies that benefit the whole organism as we understand it from Peat and other research. In doing this I am finding that I ease whatever is ailing me and do no harm at the same time.
I got bad reactions to every vitamin E product except 4spectrum and Carlson E-Gems Plus.

Thorne K2 also used to give me bad reactions, unless I took very few drops. However, as my health improved, I stopped getting those reactions. Takin it with pregnenolone also made it more tolerable somehow.
I also don't like supplementing K. I don't know the reason but for sure these severe symptoms are harmful and that I should not supplement it. Sad but simple.