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Vitamin K2 - more than just dental/bone health?

Curious what benefits others have found from taking K2.  Dental benefits seems to be the most discussed, but wondering if others have found it to have a noticeable affect on metabolic rate, energy, mood, etc.

Inspired to ask because i started taking it the last two evenings and i have had the most profound feeling of being relaxed and easy to fall a coziness - almost like an epsom bath or something magnesium related.
asked Apr 13, 2015 by Nicholas

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Funny, I was just thinking about the same subject.

Is there a thyroid connection via a parathyroid lowering effect of K2 perhaps?

Peat says somewhere that thyroid and parathyroid oppose each other, I think.

At the same time it appears to be an important nutrient in the mix with vitamin D, calcium etc so must have a synergistic role.
answered Apr 13, 2015 by Marvel
What form of vitamin K do you use?

There are different forms of Vitamin K but many articles about Vitamin K assume that the different forms have the same effect in the body.

According to the article, fermented foods contain several milligrams of vitamin K. A person would have to eat quite a bit of fermented food on a daily basis to get the 1 to 5 mg of vitamin K that the article recommends.

Natto is the best fermented food source of Vitamin K2-MK7; 100g of it contains about 1 mg of vitamin K2. But natto is not a food that people of most cultures consume. And it contains no K2 in the Mk4 form.

The next best source of Vitamin K2(Mk4) is goose liver with 369mcg/100g. Based on the vitamin K2 content of foods in the following link, it is very difficult to get 1 to 5mg of vitamin K2 per day from foods.

And exactly how much of each form of vitamin k is needed for good health?