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Color perception, Color vividness

I've noticed that some things change my perception of color quite strongly, and my perception of color has been really off lately, and have wondered if anyone else has experienced changes in the perception of color?

Vitamin K2, Cascara (in alcohol) and Taurine, seem to make colors and reality appear more "grey" toned (colors appear less vivid). Cyproheptadine and high amounts of coffee makes everything seem more "reddish" or maroon color.

Anyone with experiences of supplements or drugs causing changes in color perception?

Currently my perception of color is really messed up, and I think it's due to an overly excited nervous system - currently all colors appear overly vivid/strong, to the point where it's uncomfortable, and colors like orange, yellow or red stand out and distract me from everything else. I think it's possibly because of some allergenic substance I have tried (I was taking Magnesium sulfate last week, and I tried Acetazolamide a longer time ago, they may have caused me some bowel irritation?). Anyone experience anything similar to this? How long did it take for it to go away?
asked Apr 12, 2015 by freshness