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Body and mind ?

Rene Descartes fked us over
asked Apr 11, 2015 by -Alex

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Haha these pranksters have been taking us for a ride for looooong. Rene Discarded.

For one of decent description of structure of thought, mind, the separation of body and "mind" is from a brave and strange indian guy. Collection of his conversations are available online for free(also youtube).

"MIND IS A MYTH (1988)" can be accessed here:

Excerpt: "making love is war; cause-and-effect is the shibboleth of confused minds; yoga and health foods destroy the body; the body and not the soul is immortal; there is no communism in Russia, no freedom in America, and no spirituality in India; service to mankind is utter selfishness; Jesus was another misguided Jew; and the Buddha was a crackpot; mutual terror, not love, will save mankind;..."
answered Apr 11, 2015 by Baltasar
Fuck yeah Baltasar! Hadn't heard of that brave and strange indian guy. Glad to have found out about him. I would take tons of aspirin and coffee in hopes to be like him but that's retarded. For one thing I don't have headaches.