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Heart palpitations and fluttering

I tried browsing through other posts on this topic but decided to make a new one since I'm actually more confused now.

For a while now I have been getting sudden heart palpitations (about 4 months), after starting to increase my carb intake, mostly from fruits, and following the other guidelines while listening to my body, I've actually seen improvements in the number of episodes. I used to get dizzy after doing a very light workout too; that has improved as well. That made me conclude that my cardiovascular system is improving (after a few months of very low carb and very low calorie; which I'm thinking burnt out my adrenals and slowed my thyroid function).

The latest episode happened after my dinner. I also measured my body temperature which was lower than I wanted it to be but still not the lowest it goes during the day (36.7C, it usually goes from ~36.5 in the morning to ~37.3 with drops mostly after meals...which I blame on a low stomach acid and digestive issues).

I also considered blaming it on mineral imbalances, specifically calcium and magnesium, but given that the symptoms are a bit hard to read I'm having difficulty figuring out which one's out of balance (I take a 200mg magnesium supplement and a tsp of eggshell for calcium on top of everything else I eat). I have also increase my salt intake considerably; but still nothing more than my palate desires.

Also I'm not feeling anxious or stressed in anyway, I actually feel a bit relaxed...though my muscles feel a bit weak in general, and a few twitches here and there.

I know there are many more explanations for what's happening but anything in the way of help or suggestions in what I could experiment.

btw, I'm a 29 year old male.

asked Apr 8, 2015 by roozi
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I am 29, same symptoms.  Used to get dizzy standing up to suddenly or bending over!  Felt like passing out even.  Heart palpitations for weeks.  Sometimes I would feel a flutter with every single inhale lasting a few minutes.  Upping calcium and more recently magnesium has helped tremendously, while I think hypothyroidism is the major offender since hypothyroid people lose salt and magnesium in the urine/ sweat.  Also, I should note that when I stopped caring about food and just ate lots of it, all of my twitching and palps went away.  So it could just be a total caloric deficiency.
That sounds about right. I definitely have hypo symptoms, had it for years but since my TSH was always well within what is considered the normal range (I was at 3.5, upper range was 5) it was always dismissed, so I just self-diagnosed.  I was working my way down (to 1.8) but recently it went back up which actually explains everything imo, especially with a high rT3. I'm trying to eat more food and not worry about it but sometimes I write down what I eat and when I see the mineral ratios I start to tweak things. I'm going to up my food intake + calcium/magnesium intake, and salt and experiment. Thanks.
Good luck.  If I were you I would hit up the Broda Barnes foundation and ask for recommended doctors in your area.  If you have a low basal temp and other indicators it would probably be beneficial to have a good Dr. guide you through thyroid supplementation.  The supplement game is a moving target when hypo, especially since the second you feel terrible you equate it to a supplement you took that day, when in fact it could be any number of things.
I had these symptoms whenever I would increase thyroid dose and also when I switched from eating starches to more fruit and dairy based diet. It could be you are increasing your thyroid function but it's a stress because you're not getting enough calories or not eating often enough.

For me the problem went away when I started eating much more throughout the day, eg. hourly, and added much more sugar... even white sugar since we don't get enough ripe fruits here.
Thanks. I think I will experiment a bit, reduce what I eat and see if it happens more often. What I don't understand is why it happens at night, maybe that's when my thyroid function is at its highest!

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You need to load up on salt.  You may need to take large amounts on your tongue and Chase it with milk or orange juice.  Ray has said that up to 30 grams a day can be therapeutic.  Salt will warm you up and lower adrenaline.

Your probably not going to get enough just from diet so keep taking salt in until you feel better.  This could take a couple days for your body to adjust.
answered Apr 8, 2015 by Ray Peat is a God
That sure sounds like a lot of salt. I have no idea how much I take now since I just take as much as I like to. I think it's going to need some getting used to, but will try to work my way up. The interesting part is I always liked salty foods, and added it to pretty much everything I ate, but people kept telling me not to eat so much of it ever since I was a kid.
Thank you.