This archived forum used to be called 'Peatarian' (in reference to Ray Peat).

Discussion of Ray Peat on Jack Kruse forums

Jack Kruse says Peat's ideas are passe because of EMFs:

"Ray Peat was right before EMF..........since 1930 he is clueless. That is all I will say on the subject. He has no idea that we all are living in a world that cause a constant crabtree effect and calcium efflux."

"before emf there was more therapeutic leeway for stretching a dietary template today there is not"

Because of avoiding DHA and eating carbs which "uncondense" your matter, Jack Kruse says Peatarians are actively creating brain damage.  

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If it's not very obvious to you from Kruse's comments in that thread that he's insane, then I don't really know what to say. Mentally balanced people just don't talk like that.

I have no idea about the merits of his ideas. I'll wait to hear them from somebody who isn't crazy.
You dismiss him because he seems unbalanced?  In what way?  You plan to wait to hear his views?  Time waits for no one.
Low-carb brings out 'avoidant' traits and a sort of monomania.
It might.  In blood type Os, who are most suited to the paleo template, the issue (I think) is dopamine.

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I can see that there is a certain masculine appeal to Kruse, with his shameless and unwavering confidence (especially compared with Peat's somewhat hesitant and quivering voice,) but I would not take medical advice from him.

Peat has a certain honesty and authenticity about him; he seems to communicate in simple and common terms so that his audience can fully grasp his ideas.

Kruse, on the other hand, shrouds his ideas in a mist of biological jargon so dense that I doubt even he has the faintest sense of what he's saying most of the time.
answered Apr 8, 2015 by Kasra
I wouldn't say confident but certainly aggressive.
Never heard of him till now. My first thought when seeing his picture was that of a shady used car salesman - not entirely surprised that he has the attitude to match.

Peat on the other hand has always looked baller.
I've read several of his blog series and am now reading his book.  He's a genius.
Hey, that's my thread! I started it over there before I became disillusioned with Kruse. His only response to Peat's work was "something something carb whore something something E=MC^2."
answered Apr 9, 2015 by QiGuy1997
I'm sorry, the discussion is relevant.  I had to start the thread here.
Kruse says environment is the main issue and physics explains why.
That wasn't an angry "hey", it was a surprised "hey". I don't mind that you brought it up!
He has a different view of carbs. He says increased carb intake has pushed T3 levels up causing people to have an iodine deficiency:

He doesn't treat Peat with proper respect, true.  He's a doctor.
Haha, crazy that I saw this thread as I was JUST viewing the very same thread being discussed.

Dr Kruse is creepy as fuck. His fans respond to his every word like he's L Ron Hubbard at a scientology convention.

The funny part is how vaguely dismissive he is of Peat's work. Mentions how even though Peat was talking about EMF a long time ago (or something similar before it was dubbed EMF) he concludes that he misses important information BECAUSE of EMF. Kruse is very confused and full of shit.

bio-fractal-soul-self was the only guy who knew what he was talking about regarding Peat and Kruse vaguely dismisses what he says (followed by people worshiping his every word).

I mean, who the fuck quotes themselves as if it were a fan posting it for inspiration. The guy desperately wants to suck himself off.
answered Apr 9, 2015 by halken
Kruse is a blood type O.  He's being himself.  His followers are O and As who didn't get the authoritarian memo.  They are acting normally, the way they've been conditioned to their whole life.
"mackerel head smoothies" is still my favorite part of the entire thread.
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I couldn't care less what Quack Kruse has to say.  He says Ray is clueless?  He recommends a lot of the foods Ray recommends like shellfish.  Do we have to wait and see why in his next blog post?  Doesn't he only wear Under Armour shirts for some stupid reason?  He is selling something which always means his info should be taken with a grain of salt.  Ray on the other hand doesn't need to worry about his brand.  Ray puts his ego aside and tells it how he sees it.  Like a boss.
answered Apr 10, 2015 by Ray Peat is a God
It seems interest peaked in late 2012 when this was posted:
answered Apr 8, 2015 by visionofstrength
The paleo community hates Kruse because he wrecked their game.  They're bitter.