This archived forum used to be called 'Peatarian' (in reference to Ray Peat).

Is IslandGirl really a troll? Or a seeker of truth? [poll]

What is she all about?

She is mysterious like a ninja.

Or maybe she is Ray Peat and he is just taking the piss on you all?

Tons of questions, so little answers.

Lets BREAK IT DOWN peatarians!
Yea dude, she's Ray Peat. (1 vote, 10%)
She is a robot! (0 votes)
No! A bird! (0 votes)
Wait! A plane? (0 votes)
Nah she's just an evil satanic woman. (0 votes)
Orange juice. (9 votes, 90%)
asked Apr 6, 2015 by halken

2 Answers

I had a couple of conversations with her over the PM system. She didn't come across like a troll. Rather, she came across as relatively mild mannered and she made some good points, some of which made me delve further into research that contradicts Dr. Peat's claims. I'm not sure why she sometimes acts like a madman on this forum - some of her critique is justified but there's never a reason to become emotional over scientific matters. I don't think she has a background in one of the STEM sciences which may be part of the problem. I feel like the lack of such a background makes it harder to be objective about scientific research. And I speak from personal experience, because I found it hard to stay objective myself until I progressed in my studies and grew gradually more emotionally detached from them. Which is part of the reason I became quite inactive on this forum, because it and its members seemed increasingly more biased as I worked on eliminating my own biases.

BTW, this poll is stupid.
answered Apr 6, 2015 by Dewitt
Thanks for your input Dewitt. Perhaps I should pm her to get a better idea on her perspective on nutrition. What's yours if you don't mind me asking?

The poll was intended to be stupid.
i kind of thought she was a creation of wheat&pufas.  wait, she wasn't?
answered Apr 7, 2015 by Nicholas
She's not *that* annoying.