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Do you find that liking more "sexual" features is unhealthy?

If we take youth as a proxy for health, and assume that the more youthful qualities are desirable, then it becomes apparent that sexuality is somewhat of a necessary evil.  

It seems like my preferences have become progressively more sexual with age.  

age 0 - 10:  I like girls with pretty faces.  I don't pay attention to their bodies at all.  

age 11 - 14: I start paying attention to girls' stomachs.  I start masturbating at 12.  

age 15 - 19:  I start to like breasts.  I get a girlfriend.  

age 20:  I start to like women with small waists, and round curvy butts.
asked Apr 1, 2015 by lvysaur
Higher DHT, low prolactin and serotonin seem to be most associated with feeling sexual. These also seem to be very essential to good post-puberty health.

You didn't feel sexual before 10 years old, because your body wasn't producing much DHT yet. Unless you hate having muscles and love having a shrunken penis I wouldn't mess with your DHT except to increase it to a decent level.

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Unhealthy? Were you raised in a religious household/environment? What is unhealthy is the strong repression of sexual desire forced upon us from a young age by various western societies still emerging from two thousand years of Christian "morality". Enjoy all the curvy butts you want. PTP approves.

PS - have you seen Ray's oil paintings?
answered Apr 2, 2015 by PTP
I think Ray Peats paintings and affinity for sugar are the reason he's got a cult following.  We all kinda wish he was our grandpa.
> repression of sexual desire forced upon us from a young age by various western societies still emerging from two thousand years of Christian "morality"

Methinks you know fuck-all about Christianity as it relates to human sexuality.
Have I offended you. Of course not all interpretation of Christianity is the same, but the main sects I'm familiar with - Christianity and American Protestantism (Calvinism) - seem pretty repressive and nonsensical to me:

Infallible Pope claims condoms spread aids -

Christian governor in Texas sees abstinence education as the most effective way of tackling HIV -

Homosexuality - a fairly common sexual preference throughout the animal kingdom - widely condemned across Christian sects - Leviticus 18

Celibacy - In eastern religions - celibacy is supposedly used to transmute sexual energy into spiritual energy, in catholic interpretations - celibacy is occasionally transmuted into young boys -

Now, I'm sure there are plenty of modern Christians with healthy (subjective I know) views on Christianity - but the history really doesn't look good. However, I'm all for learning, please tell me what I've misunderstood.
We both know full well you've no interest in the philosophy or de facto practice of christian sexuality. You find great comfort in your inane secular prayer as given above. I will leave you to it in peace.
We don't know anything about each other, you have decided to make assumptions. And I have made assertions, showed references to back up my assertions - and asked for clarification. You have made an ad hominem attack* and refused to clarify anything. You have also used profane language to ridicule my beliefs. Since I have no interest in carrying on an argument over the internet, I shall leave you to it and enjoy my "inane secular prayer." May God bless you.

*If you don't know (and are too lazy to google) - an ad hominem attack is an attack on the character of the person - used to discredit any arguments they make. It is typically used because the person has no real comeback to the argument and is very common in politics, and internet arguments.
the Bible celebrates sexuality.  in the confines of marriage between a man and a woman.  i'm sure you are aware of the Song of Solomon - the oft-cited "erotic" book of the Bible of a married couple - which is primarily symbolic of a spiritual relationship between Christ and the Church.  Sex is not evil - that's a lie from the devil.
and yes, PTP - the history of "Christianity" is not a pretty picture or an accurate representation of Christ Himself - but even Christ said Himself that he came to the world and the world knew Him not.  Very few actually know Him.  He even said this to His disciples - "how long have you been with me and still not know who I am".
I'm not even remotely religious.  I just find that I was always in better health when I had a lower sex drive, and when I liked "less sexual" features.
How exactly do you define health? Some people would consider a low sex-drive a sign of bad health - of course we all have different libido levels. I believe Ray has said that high estrogen levels can cause a high sex drive - which could explain you feeling horny and unhealthy at the same time. There are also the eastern ideas that your sex drive can be transmuted into "spiritual energy" - which may make you feel better. Also, if you just mean you were healthier as a kid - I think we all were - that has less to do with sex and more to do with being a child.
Do you have any idea how batshit crazy this question reads? Like, silence of the lambs Buffalo Bill dancing around in the basement type crazy?
answered Apr 2, 2015 by 4a552f55cbb9
"It rubs the Lotion on its skin..."
I'm confused of what the question is.  Are you saying that age 0-10 is the ideal preference because it is the more youthful (i.e. healthier) state?
answered Apr 2, 2015 by Nicholas
To an extent, yes.  I did have a weird kind of sex drive when I was under 10 years old, except I never masturbated or ejaculated.  I just sometimes rubbed the head of my penis and thought about girls with cute faces.  

Now all it takes is an ass.