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Hormones in pork rinds or cueritos?

Cueritos are pickled pig skin. Since Peat talks about skin being a place where steroid hormones such as DHEA can be produced perhaps eating skin would be a good source of small amounts of steroid hormones for those whose endogenous production is declining. How would frying (pork rinds/chicharrones) or pickling (cueritos) affect hormones in the skin? DHEA for instance melts at 148.5 °C so maybe a low heat method of cooking skin wouldn't damage it.
asked Mar 31, 2015 by peatón

1 Answer

The amount of steroids produced in the skin is really tiny compared to the rest of the body. If I'd have to take an educated guess, I'd say that skin consumption does not significantly influence steroid levels. As for preparation methods, cooking them in water would be the only sensible thing to do. Steroids are quite fat-soluble, so cooking the skin in hot fat would not only potentially destroy them or structurally alter them, it would also mean that you lose what little steroids are present unless you drink the fat afterwards. Which doesn't sound very appealing. Altough people do a lot of crazy stuff in their quest for health. And drinking fat can't be that much worse than drinking grass juice and doing enemas on a daily basis, right?
answered Mar 31, 2015 by Dewitt
Thanks for the response Dewitt. At best I just hoped for a small bonus reason besides the collagen content to call skin a health food. But drinking some fat sounds delicious. April fooling.