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The bitter truth about blue light?

Dr. Kruse more or less says diet is pointless unless you fix your circadian rhythms and blue/red light issues.  Without daily sunlight dosed in a specific way, your health will never improve irregardless of what you eat or what supplements you take.

This blog post may explain the lack of success a lot of people who follow Peat have.
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His main theory seems to be:
Too much blue light hitting the retina --> something something --> damaged mitochondrial function

He does not think that carbs are inherently bad, only in the presence of too much blue light.

Now why does he recommend ketosis instead of just limiting your bluelight exposure with f.lux + maybe wearing some orange glasses in the afternoon and while looking into computer screens?

That being said, i do think that blue/red light is something we should be focusing on more.
Bad things happen if you stare into computer screens all day
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Thanks for that link.
"Still rock the blue blockers an hour or two before bed.  They can be used to effectively phase shift my circadian rhythm: wear them earlier and I wake up earlier; the reverse is also true."

I think I might just order a pair of those blue blocker sunglasses and try it out ($10 on amazon)
I tired the amber glasses for a while. In my experience, nothing works better than just not using a computer/smart phone when its dark outside. I usually just skip the tv/computer session and get ready for bed. I just get up earlier and do what I gotta do the next day. However, I only follow this schedule on the weekdays. On Weekends its no rulez!!
The point is, you can expect few or no health improvements until you fix your circadian rhythms.  Health improvements doesn't happen just from changing your diet or taking certain medicines or supplements.  Because of EMFs and technology, the Peat paradigm is dead.  Put in your orders for Cytomel, stock up on aspirin and restrict PUFAs.  Eat the protein, choke down the carrot, etc.  Without daily sunlight exposure cycles in a specific way, you're still gonna age badly.  You may still get cancer and you will never fix your mental problems like depression, learned helplessness, etc.