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My fav alcoholic drink

I don't drink often, maybe one drink a week at most.
but when i do drink this is now my drink of choice
leblon cachaca which is rum made from sugar
the name of the drink is the Caipirinha.. I learned about this drink when visiting costa drink its a local rum drink there (originally i think the drink is from Brazil)
asked Mar 29, 2015 by animal

1 Answer

Isn't ALL rum made from sugar?

And where do you live to have only heard about caipirinha just now? I thought it's pretty popular throughout the world.

But yeah, it's delicious. It's my favorite drink when I'm in Spain. Unfortunately the Caipirinha in my local cocktail bars always has that faint taste of rubbing alcohol. I think it's the cachaca they're using.
answered Mar 31, 2015 by Dewitt
Its unheard of in the states... Most of our rum here in the states is made from molasses
There's an entire shelf of cachaça at my local American liquor store.