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Thyroid and eye floaters?

What do you guys know about floaters in the eye, in a Peat context?  

Anecdotally, I only started noticing floaters after I started noticing other problems (extreme knee joint pain, and really oily hair which preceded my hair loss)

My floaters also became a lot less noticeable when I went through a "hyperthyroid" phase for a few months, where my hair grew very rapidly, and the temperature in my extremities was high.

Additionally, Peat says that DHA "light sensitizes" the eyes, could that cause floaters?
asked Mar 27, 2015 by lvysaur
I noticed this the other day soon after I got up.  I think it could be related to cortisol.  It may have something to do with adrenal stress.  
Not sure about the DHA.  Other than oysters I've been pretty omega-3 restricted the past few years... The liver probably has something to do with it, and also blue light.
I also would get these frequently when I had some cortisol issues.  I would also feel like passing out when standing up to quickly.