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Doing NoFap.

I know Peat has said that prolactin rises minimally after orgasm, and that it's not that big a deal.  

But some kids are masturbating daily for 10+ years and they all seem to run into issues consistent with hypothyroidism.  I've seen threads around here that have claimed NoFap is just a placebo effect, but there are plenty of success stories of people regaining energy and other benefits associated with a well functioning thyroid.  Chinese medicine considers masturbation a form of suicide.  

Has anyone done NoFap for 90+ days?
asked Mar 23, 2015 by Ray Peat is a God
I think ejaculating every 1-7 days makes hypo worse if you already have it, but probably doesn't do much to someone hormonally balanced and metabolizing high amounts of calories and nutrition.

The desire to watch lots of porn is a symptom that your social life is non-existent. The way to fix that is to simply be more social rather than obsess over not watching it.

There's nothing magic about 90 days. I think that Your Brain on Porn guy is wrong to emphasize dopamine receptor sensitivity. Sure it exists, but a week or two of eating over 3000 calories and a little weightlifting should restore dopamine levels, lower cortisol, and lower serotonin quite nicely while increasing androgens.
Yea I agree.  Also, I think a lot of the people have very high stress hormones and masturbation is their way of bringing them down.
I haven't gone more than one week in the last 12 years.  During a week of abstinence I did feel more involved with things going on around me.  This was in my second year of uni and I hadn't yet heard of any purported benefits, I doubt that it is a placebo as some are saying.
Definitely both physical and mental effects from fapping (to porn) that are best avoided if someone is trying to achieve high health.

I've experimented with nofap and have only seen benefits (but I will say that too much restriction of your own sexuality has it's own set of problems).

I become more creative, can 'hear' and 'see' better, am more outgoing, have a deeper voice, am more confident, better skin, shinier eyes and hair, etc.

But I like to try and find WHY these things occur. I think it is best to look towards zinc/copper (which is retained and increased during a period of abstinence).

Zinc improves digestion, helps keep the digestive tract clear of overgrowths, raises metabolism, and probably some other things. Hormones also are balanced when you do nofap. Too much fapping lowers testosterone and makes the body less resistant to stress.

On the mental side of things, there are actual physical changes that occur in the brain when you are constantly looking at porn. There is a molecule called delta fosB that accumulates in the brain and keeps a person from feeling satisfaction from more ordinary stimuli. Ability to focus is diminished. Ability to concentrate is gone as well.

For me nofap is a way of life now, just like avoiding pufa.

Now, I am more speaking of nofap as a way to avoid pmo. I would never tell someone to repress themselves if they are with a partner. But even in those cases abstinence could be beneficial if you were preparing for some great task. I think muhammad ali used to refrain for a month before his fights.

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I think ejaculation is the real problem, not porn or masturbation. Ejaculating while having sex might negate some of the negative effects, it's still a stressor for the male body though.

The real danger of porn is that you will make masturbation and ejaculation a (often daily) habit. You will ejaculate on days when your libido is so low that you would not even be able to get an erection without the help of porn. Which is a pretty good sign that your body is in no place whatsoever to just waste your man juice for the heck of it.

That being said, I feel best ejaculating 1-2 times per month.
A lot less food allergies, pretty much no more acne and more confidence compared to my old every day habit.
I feel like completely abstaining from ejaculation does not provide any extra benefits for me and I will start to get random boners in public and wet dreams at some point. 1-2 times per month is the minimum that prevents that from happening for me.

I'm not in a relationship at the moment, so sex is a relatively rare thing for me right now.
Having sex pretty much everyday but only ejaculating 1-2 times per month seems doable though and would be considered ideal by taoist/tantra philosophies.

Edit: When I started doing the no ejaculation thing my libido was pretty much nonexistent for the first 2-3 months. At some point it came back with a vengeance and I started feeling like a horny 14 year old teenager again.

I also feel like oysters and liver are almost a must if you try to recover from over-ejaculation induced damage, especially if you have skin problems (at least they were for me)
There's a reason why oysters are considered an aphrodisiac.
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I doubt the fapping per se is the issue. Porn viewing is the issue. It warps the mind at many levels.
answered Mar 23, 2015 by 4a552f55cbb9
Gimme a break.  I can create the same effect with my imagination.  Porn is just less work.  Excessive orgasm is the problem.
While I would like to agree on a scientific level, some of the happiest and healthiest guys I know watch porn and masturbate generously, even married men who's wives just laugh it off.  It should be looked at in the context of who's watching it, what their values are, and if it hurts them.  From a scientific standpoint, I think the greater problem is the need for frequent ejaculation.  Not a direct reflection of a bad person per se, but rather indicative of estrogen dominance or unsatisfying orgasms.  I can personally attest to an orgasm while taking thyroid being 5 times better than without.  Its actually unfair to be hypothyroid on many levels.
Some of the happiest and healthiest people I know guzzle down PUFA soaked restaurant meals five nights a week. I reject that as guidance.

Porn is very problematic. Even bad literature and music and ugly architecture are problematic. These things are all corrosive to the human soul with regular exposure.
The very fact that you are objectively arguing subjective matters says it all.
We have to keep in mind the correlation between bad health and excessive need to jerk off, when looking at studies or our own history. Bad health can cause that need, and it could be very wrong to conclude that the cause was excessive jerking in the first place. And I say that despite being convinced that watching porn changes the brain for the worse.
I've gone 9 months, before I knew nofap was a thing, just did it to see if I could.  Pretty sure my ability to do so was just indicative of being hypo and having no libido.
answered Mar 23, 2015 by Zach Shane

any noticable benefits during/after this stretch?
I haven't watched porn in about 1 and a half years, and I think porn is very bad for the brain in a lot of ways.

As for nofap, I gave it a shot and did it 90 days. I didn't really notice any benefits from it. Now I masturbate every 7-14 days, and notice a rise in testosterone in that time period. One particular effect is that after one week of abstaining, I seem to feel significantly stronger with the big lifts in the gym. As for the confidence I feel, it could be placebo for sure.
answered Mar 23, 2015 by max219
Yea that's great.  I'm on day 20 on NoFap and definitely feel better.  I don't plan on fapping ever again.  I don't feel a need to and would rather be with a woman.  I do think there is too much emphasis on the porn being bad and messing with dopamine, and not enough on the benefits of semen retention.
Doing this also as a goof. Mainly to test ''relentless drive'' that comes from semen retention theory. Close to 40 days and so far only relentless anxiety and mild depression :D Goodluck :)
I could have gone longer than 90 days, but I masturbated to see if I noticed any changes. It's pretty easy to abstain once you get going. I wasn't having sex either, but I did and do pursue woman more than I did compared to when I masturbated almost daily.

Also, I had like 6 wet dreams throughout that time period. And now I get them occasionally, where previously I haven't really had one since I was a young teenager. (I'm 24 now)
Interesting you bring this up, because i found recently that ( like all other things in life) even ejaculating has its own balance.  I agree that less is better - but that may have to be a slow process.  In other words, the nofap community should be placing more focus on ejaculating when your body says it's time and abstaining when it is not.  But, of course, that is tricky.  But really it boils down to the fact that even abstaining can be stressful if it's for too long.  I found that if i went too long without, that i started having edema and other stress hormone type symptoms.  But i also felt the same if i was ejaculating too much.  So i think it's a reconditioning/balancing process like a lot of other things - namely things like restrictive eating disorders or bingeing.  Deciding you're going to jump from 700 calories to 3500 in a single day could cause a stress response - and vice versa.  Ultimately, i think it would be cool to not intentionally ejaculate at all and my body be happy with that.
answered Mar 24, 2015 by Nicholas