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Adapting to Physically Demanding Job

I'm trying to figure out how to deal with the physical stressors of my new job and would appreciate any thoughts or advice.  just trying to figure out how to adapt as best as possible.

with my new job (2months now), i have to probably climb a flight of stairs 20-30 times a day.  1/3 of the time actually carrying stuff - sometimes heavy things.  They are pretty shallow steps.  The first week it was hard and i found myself breathless or felt burning in my legs.  Now i am rarely breathless and maybe only once a day feel a burning in my legs.  Good posture seems to help, as well as being sure to breathe out of my nose.  Building muscle over the 2 months i'm sure has helped, too.  Nevertheless, there reaches a point every day where i do feel kind of fatigued.  I never push myself hard when walking up the stairs - i always go at a normal pace.  But i wonder if all of this is adding up to the stress of endurance athletes - even if I am not fast paced or running all the time.  My concern is that this job will last another 8 months or so....and when deadlines have to be met, having to work longer/harder hours.    

other context:  I probably still have about 10 pounds of actual cortisol-related fat to be free of.  I know that just losing that weight will decrease general estrogen/stress hormones.  And it seems i am losing it pretty rapidly.  I am also beginning to develop more muscle pretty much everywhere - most noticeably in my thighs, arms, and abdominals.  I was not previously built, but not weak either.  Thankfully, with the physical stressors i have very few other stressors in my life right now.  I have a good job, enjoy it, live a minute from work, etc.

I'm interested in the correlation between leg muscle building and testosterone levels boosting, too.  Many days, it seems like my testosterone is higher (if i'm even perceiving that correctly) - but i have also noticed the symptom of being excessively horny all the time now - which in the past i could relate to high estrogen.  I wonder if testosterone could be turning to estrogen in the absence of proper balancing on my part or in the context of endurance exercise.  Another negative symptom is that i have found my appetite to be decreasing overall with spurts of strong hunger.  It's odd to me that i'm suddenly expending much more energy than i used to but feeling like i can go 4 hours without eating.  Not saying that's a bad thing...

it also may be useful to add that i haven't really been that great on my nutrition lately - it's been kind of anything goes.  i've also not been going to bed at a decent hour.  

The easiest things i can think of to counteract this stress is to make sleep a very high priority, be sure to be getting gelatin-related food every day to decrease inflammation, do TRE (neurogenic tremoring) every day to release muscle fatigue, etc.  Food is where i'm stuck on, though - i'm curious what place carbs would have in this context as well as fat - and maybe calcium.  i heard Peat say that people with physically demanding lives have higher fat needs (which i have found my appetite for fatty cheese and whole milk to have increased as well as my taste for using more butter in cooking).  Curious, too, about people who know about strength training vs. cardio and what category you think my job would fit in - and how these things might affect metabolism.  I'm pretty sure there are others here with physically demanding jobs.  

Thank you.
asked Mar 22, 2015 by Nicholas
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Being able to go longer without feeling hungry can be due to adrenalin and breakdown of tissue and muscles. You don't need food because you are feeding off your own body. Track temps and pulse to work what's going on. Pregnenolone, cholesterol and sugar works really well in high stress situations, provided you are nutrient and mineral replete.
answered Mar 22, 2015 by Ella
great, thank you.  this is what i suspected.