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How does coffee effect cortisol levels if you drink it within the first 2 hours after waking up?

Would it be better to wait 2 hours before drinking coffee after waking up?
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asked Mar 21, 2015 by Fractal
personally, coffee seems to cause less of a stress response for me if i drink it at least an hour after waking (that's *if* i am not eating anything)

1 Answer

i think the general consensus is that coffee would raise cortisol levels after waking up - especially with those who have impaired metabolism.  but i think it's also generally agreed that eating diminishes both the AM cortisol as well as the potential cortisol spike from drinking coffee.    

You can always experiment with temp. and pulse to see the effect - upon waking - and then 20 min. after drinking coffee alone - or 20 min after eating something and drinking coffee.
answered Mar 22, 2015 by Nicholas