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Hypothyroid, fluid, thirst

In regards to fluid/water intake and beeing hypothyroid. I also have some water retention like i have said before. So then i was wondering, for you people that focus on your fluid intake and have low pulse and temp.
Dont you get thirsty if you eat alot of food and dont drink much?
also can the thirst signal be off for a hypothyroid person?
I want to drink alot of water many times after i have eaten esp if i eat something salty. But most of the water just turnes to water retention and i pee it out later. Also if i restrict myself to just drinking a little bit my temp and pulse raise alot. But want this happen from dehydration as well? So that will be like a stress reaction thats causing the raise in temp and pulse?
asked Mar 17, 2015 by superhuman

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Don't overthink it.  Close your eyes and just listen to intuition.  If you are thirsty, drink something.  If you are hungry, eat something.

Don't worry about eating according to a schedule or eating a certain amount of calories.  You can create problems by eating when you are not hungry.  You need to give your body a break sometimes.  Don't worry about getting a certain amount of protein or carbohydrates.  Just trust your body to sort things out.  Eat and drink to the extent your body tells you to.  Just like you did as a child.  There is a lot of unnecessary stress created over this.  If these simple principles aren't working along with consuming the other appropriate foods, then you may want to experiment with Cytomel.  That helped me with fluid issues.
answered Mar 17, 2015 by Ray Peat is a God
I have tried everything :) nothing has helped not cytyomel either. If i listen to my thirst i just drink to much :p
i think it's a balance between not overthinking it and also being very mindful about it.  in other words, intuition has to be re-learned if one has lost it.  also, children do not make superhuman intuitively wise decisions.  peat says to perceive, think, then act.
Nicholas, you are such a contrarian.
Maybe try a little fluid with meals?
answered Mar 17, 2015 by Illusion
sure, im gonna do that. Its just i get so fucking thirsty so its hard :)
also turn down heating if you live in a cold country, at night I do not use heating at all, and if it's not freezing outside I keep open the window, during day a little bit heating.
Why will that help?
From my experience, if I keep heating up all the time I feel more thirsty and my mouth it's dry and at night I sweat.
But dont you feel very cold then? its good for thyroid to keep temperature up
No, I don't feel very cold :) The house is kept warm but not too hot, just slightly warm so at night it's not freezing. I have warm duvet.The window it's not fully closed.I do not like too cold house too.
You have to experiment.
Personally, I find that diluting milk with water helps digest the milk. Not sure why.
for the time being, i would just drink to how you crave.  chances are, the water retention is not actually related to the fluid amount you are drinking.  at least that has been my experience.  you have to get a hold on so many other variables as well in the effort of balancing your body.
answered Mar 17, 2015 by Nicholas