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How People Eat

Does your diet revolve around systematic recipes or does it revolve around simply preparing ingredients?  Do you think more in the realm of "meals" or in the realm of food combos?  Do you prefer to forage or do you prefer to have clear cut plates/bowls of food?  If you subsist on "meals", even partially, about how many of them do you have in your arsenal?  

This kind of is a question about variety.  I wonder what the typical person eats - but more specifically how they eat.  Are they constantly trying new recipes - even new foods?  Do they eat the same things every single week until tastes change?

For me, it seems to be that i subsist more on food combos - and i just have a wide variety of ingredients to choose from (i.e. not always formal recipes).  What keeps things fresh is bringing in the occasional new thing every week - like last week it was oil-free granola.  this week i'm trying Asiago cheese and i'm also curious about broccolini.  These scattered items are not meant for experimentation in a health context but just to keep something fresh and new always thrown in what is already a pretty repetitive and predictable food list (albeit, pretty diverse).
asked Mar 15, 2015 by Nicholas
Anyone experienced with cooking gelatin from food? I've done some oxtails before. I imagine bone broth is similar, just more gelatine and less protein/fat. But I wonder about the pros and cons with gelatin from skin.

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I just have milk, cheese, gelatin, a little honey and liver, MCT oil and raw carrot or charcoal, and an egg, with an abundance of oranges, guava, peaches, plums and melons in season.

To me it seems like the promised land. I don't know what more I should ask for.

As important as this diet for me is the emulation of lots of high altitude exercise and daylight, and lately, topical applications of vitamins and the alkaline minerals, protective steroids, quinones and uncouplers, and urea.
answered Mar 15, 2015 by visionofstrength
I think more in the 'realm' of 'meals'. It may be because I feel psychologically more satisfied (and satiated) by the whole process of preparing a meal, sitting down, eating (and sometimes sharing) it. When I tried to do a diet based around balancing individual ingredients, I felt like it was quite easy to lose track of how much I was actually eating.

Meals are generally prepared around the so-called 'safe starches' with an eye to ticking a few Peatarian boxes, such as including gelatinous cuts of meat or shellfish:
Oxtail soup
Prawn coconut curry w/rice
Slow cooked harissa beef stew w/mash potato
Slow cooked chili beef w/masa harina tortillas
Vietnamese beef pho w/rice noodles
Squid/scallops w/potato
Liver and onions w/mash potato
Sago and milk pudding

Such a way of eating also has the advantage of making you appear more normal to friends and family.
answered Mar 16, 2015 by tesabi