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What can be done to minimize intestinal sensitivity?


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

asked Mar 13, 2015 by Ray Peat is a God

Eat foods high in inulin to help the intestines heal.. cooked onions and garlic, green onions/leeks, banana, google search it. Akkermensia

no stress.
i second the recommendation for inulin...
What benefits have you noticed from increased inulin?
i could be imagining it, but it seems to make digestion more efficient.  i also find i'm more productive - probably because of its effect on regulating blood sugar levels.  have found the same with soft leafy greens - like spinach, arugula, well as parsnips.  and zucchini.
most of these foods are high in potassium and/or inulin.  probably the coolest "non-Peat" thing i've discovered.

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avoiding fibers and starch, eating only very ripe fruits and juices, and milk
answered Apr 1, 2015 by John Frusciante
At least a few here have reported less ejaculation (if you are a male) has a significant effect on having less sensitive intestines.  

other things i've noted *specifically* for helping intestinal sensitivity:  cartilage broth that cools to jello and antibiotics.

but, of course, every variable in the picture affects intestinal sensitivity since the body is an organism and no part is independent of the other.
answered Apr 1, 2015 by Nicholas