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Do perfectly ripe bananas exists or they are a popular fairy tale?

Post a picture of a perfectly ready-to-consume banana. Let me see how that looks like, because I keep hearing in this forum how "this banana is not ripe enough" or "this banana is too matured".

asked Mar 12, 2015 by prusia

I think it's worthwhile to distinguish between mature and ripe bananas. Bananas only mature while on the plant and receiving nutrients. Bananas are best when allowed to mature but in commercial contexts they are always harvested somewhat immature. Thus matured bananas are nonexistent in markets distant from where bananas are grown but any bananas that have made it to market are mature enough that they will ripen decently.

I look for the fattest bananas or the ones with the least pronounced sides and ridges. The fatter they are the more mature. Another minor thing to consider is that smaller bananas (lengthwise) have a greater flesh to peel ratio than bigger bananas so they are the better value.

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I've asked an organic farmer sometime ago why bananas are picked up uripe, you cannot keep them too long on the tree because they will crack and they will start to rot, the birds might eat them also.
answered Mar 16, 2015 by Illusion