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Fixture ideas for Brooder lamps?

Hi All,

I'm moving into a small studio apartment and they won't let me hang the brooder lamps from the cieling (for the red light therapy) like I've been doing. What have people done in terms of fixtures to clamp the brooder lamps onto in order to sit under these light while working at a desk etc.? Any help on this would be great. Thanks!

asked Mar 6, 2015 by coatue

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Putting a bunch of high wattage incandescent bulbs on the ceiling is a waste of time and electricity in the first place. If you want a visually brighter space for mood purposes use halogen bulbs or LED bulbs.

If you want to do "light therapy" the only thing that will work is getting inside a couple feet of a very bright halogen or LED bulb for twenty minutes or so at a time. Ceiling lights or something meters away shining on you are quite pointless. I don't know why Ray Peat has indicated brooder incandescent lamps are useful. I'm grateful to him for introducing me to the concept of light therapy, but I must repeat that shining some 200 watt incandescent bulb in your direction is useless for any therapeutic purpose.

answered Mar 6, 2015 by 4a552f55cbb9

Thanks for your reply. Can you elaborate on the halogen bulb or LED bulb option on how many bulbs to use, fixtures to use them with, how to place them in a small bedroom for use etc.? Also how would those answers vary comparing mood use vs. light therapy use (which I thought included mood use)? Thanks again!

+1 for halogens.

@coatue a 500-750w directional floodlight is what you want. You can pick them up for around $15(where I live anyway) from most hardware stores.

1 - 750watt directional floodlight is sufficient for red light therapy suggested by ray peat? What fixture do you use to shine it on you?

"Ceiling lights or something meters away shining on you are quite pointless."

Nope, I noticed the effects from 4 60W bulbs on a ceiling fan. This was even before I knew red light was supposed to do anything.

I use a 375w incandescent bulb, its beautiful, like laying on a beach.

This for me is the worst thing about forums and Ray Peat's ideas. There is just so much contradiction...

4a if your weather is cold i think 800 w of incandescents could make sense. That said, i like your idea of a glass bottle set up

Using a strong halogen for a shorter time than a weaker incandescent is better for a few reasons. You get a much more concentrated (read: therapeutic) dose much faster and you don't waste electricity running inefficient incandescents all day.

Also, you don't need to have constant light exposure to attenuate winter blues symptoms. Just a short amount should be sufficient to last you a while.