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For how long does hair retain minerals and toxics?

Let's say I cut the hair strands now and put them on the plastic bag sealed on there, but I don't send the hairs until half of next week to the labs (then add the time between this and the time it takes for the sample to arrive to the actual lab which is overseas).
Would there be a problem, or I the minerals and toxics in hair are retained for a long time and I don't have to worry about sending the sample right on the same time I cut them? Im saying this because I want to get my hair cut now and I want to get the samples inside the plastic bag as soon as possible then send next week.

asked Mar 6, 2015 by prusia

If you are concerned that the minerals or whatever in the hair is going to leak out why not concern yourself with the plastic putting junk into the hair? The lab is going to tell you have have plastic hair. Hand deliver it to be safe.

How can I hand-deal it? It's going to go from the local lab in europe to the lab where they do the actual test in USA, so it's going to go over seas in the plastic anyway. I already took the samples and put it inside the plastic bag sealed. I guess they know how to deal with it and the plastic bag doesn't affect the samples.

I thought your concern was absurd so I made up that equally absurd concern in hopes that it would be a little present for you to unwrap and get the idea.

Sorry, i've heard pretty paranoid stuff in this forum and didn't know if you were serious or not.
So you mean hair retains minerals and toxics permanently?

I presume that hair retains minerals and toxins permanently.