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What of the following food in my breakfast could be causing discomfort?

For breakfast I always have my manually squeezed OJ juice, toasted bread with EVOO and rubbed tomaoe with iberic jam (jummy), this gives me good quality fats, protein and vitamin C, for macros and to fill the required kcals before I go to the gym make a milkshake of 1 banana, cinnamon and milk.

The thing is sometimes I get discomfort that lasts through the day. I don't know if it's the combination of milk + juice, but i've heard it's perfectly ok to have them on the same meal.

Then there is the whole banana thing where the moons have to aling to get a perfectly fine tuned ripe banana to eat.

What about the cinnamon?

The rest don't give me any discomfort. Plus the fact sometimes it happens and some it doesn't makes it even more random. Im just asking you for your opinion.

asked Mar 5, 2015 by phillpeat

Well you know what they say about opinions...

I recommend a month away from these forums and thinking about your food. Eat to satisfy your cravings and maybe pick up a hobby/ sport outside if the weather permits. Water can cause upsets if you think it will (people in Matt Stone's corner who are afraid of liquids).

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Your ongoing hikikomori status and unemployment cause your discomfort, not your breakfast. I need to talk with your parents. Please give me the phone number. Do they speak english?

answered Mar 5, 2015 by 4a552f55cbb9

I wholeheartedly agree with this.


Working sucks, it pays shit and it makes you stressed. If you are not a trust fund baby just get on welfare.