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Is an egg everyday still needed if you consume liver once a week?

If it's enough for A and the other nutrients, I'd not consume eggs daily for some reasons (they're valuable food, but I'd like to lose weight, reduce PUFAs and have more coconut oil)

asked Mar 4, 2015 by John Frusciante

I don't think anyone's ever gotten chub eating an egg a day. If you like eating them then it's not a problem.

I didn't mean this. I just need more coconut oil for the brain. And on a low fat diet, even 5 grams are relevant if you keep fat intake as low as 30-40 grams. I need to lose fat because I feel I need to and it increases aromatase's activity.

I think there's enough vitamin A in a decent serving of liver once a week to avoid eggs. I'm doing the same thing, but eating liver every other week. I don't eat coconut oil either unless I am frying the liver. I usually have less than 10 grams of fat per day.

That's an interesting experiment with so low fat in the diet. What's your diet like? I think B1, niacinamide and aspirin would be helpful for that.

I've been keeping fat below 10 grams almost daily since early November. Started as an experiment but I ended up adapting to it as a lifestyle. I had previously gone consistently low fat (below 30 grams), but this is the lowest so far.

I eat about 3200-3600 calories daily on average, and seem to maintain weight (although I am pretty active). I think if I ate consitently under 3000 calories I'd lean out quick. I am currently roughly 13% body fat 145 lbs 5'4.

Diet is mostly carbs (600+ grams most days), and depending on my mood I go for more sugar or more starch. Staples are dates, bananas, white rice, sweet and white potatoes, bread with no oils, pretzels with no oils, rice krispies, orange juice. I have recently bumped up my protein intake to almost 200 grams on average. I have skim milk, 0% greek yogurt, shrimp, gelatin. I eat liver with coconut oil every other week giving me a "higher" fat day. Raw carrot if I have time for it.

It's a lot of starch. Isn't starch less safe without the saturated fats? I hope your gut is ok because most people will grow endotoxins from a diet like this!

Might be, but whatever, I'm pretty crazy hah. I usually eat around 100-150g of starch, but there are the days that I hit 300-400+ of starch. Like if I cook a bunch of rice or run out of fruit and eat cereal/milk with bread etc.

so you just eat rice without fat? doesn't it taste like s**t?

Through years of various restrictive diets, I've noticed that when you are really restrictive, anything can taste good. Obviously fat + sugar + starch tastes the best, but when you don't have that combination often, you can adapt to plain and bland food. White rice can taste surprisingly good though, even when not restricting. I find putting some sugar and cinnamon into plain nonfat greek yogurt can taste really really good. Not quite as good as ice cream, but still pretty tasty.

Max, may I ask if you have noticed any issues with your teeth on this diet?

Also, did you up your caloric intake in November, or were you previously eating 3200-3600 calories/day? Thanks.

As for my teeth, I have been brushing with baking soda, flossing, and making sure they were clean thoroughly almost every night. So no issues with that. One issue I did notice was a lot of pimples on my face, but I started using natural face soap (I usually don't use soap/shampoo etc), and that seemed to get rid of the frequent pimples.

From August to early November, I had raised my fat intake to about 40-80 grams a day, and ate between 3500-4000 calories almost daily. Some days I would eat above 4000, some days I would eat low fat. But basically I gained about 10 pounds from July through Novemeber, going from 140 to 150 pounds. I think it is mostly due to the overeating + higher dietary fat. Before August, I was eating the similar to now but with more fat, 3000-3500.

Since I dropped the fat I noticed I stopped gaining at 4000 calories. Then I dropped the calories to 3000-3500 in December and started to lean out to 145. I have been there since, and I figure that is my boy weight set point. I feel I can stay here if I push the calories though as long as my fat is low. Before the last summer I dieted below 3000 calories for a few months to lean out, so this year I want to keep pushing the calories and keep my metabolism up, in hopes that I lean out very very slowly with the low fat intake.

Knowing me though, I probably won't be able mentally to be strict for so long. The reason I started eating higher fat for a few months was because I just went wild after eating about 100g a day for 2 weeks on vacation in the summer. I do feel pretty good at a low fat intake though.

The way I feel and look is dependant on other things than diet also though. If If I get a solid long night of sleep, I usually feel great. If I don't sleep a lot of wake up a lot, I feel shitty and bloated etc, regardless of caloric total. If I walk a lot during the day and get a lot of sunlight, I'm more tired and I sleep better, etc. If I am with positive people and feel good vibes, I am overall more happy compared to being at home alone. I think feeling productive/happy, sleeping well, and walking all contribute to well-being and perhaps fat loss or fat maintenance.

Max, what do you mean by "pretty active"? I walk 5-10km each day with small intense workouts 2-3 times a week.

I walk a similar amount, don't sit much during the day at all. I lift heavy 2-3 times a week, and do lots of bodyweight training(pullups,dips,pushups etc) throughout the day most days. I'll take a complete day off from training every few days.

Just check your palms for orange underneath your callouses. Too much vitamin A will deposit right under your fingers if your not using it. I notice it if I eat liver more than once a week, and I also eat about 2 eggs per day. I stopped liver for a couple weeks (while continuing to eat 2 eggs per day) and my hands are pinker than ever.

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If you'd like to loose some weight choline might be the best thing about eggs. But you'd need like three eggs or more to be getting good amounts from that source. I supplement choline myself and feel like it helped my metabolism. In case you like beets,they have betaine which I believe we can convert to choline could possibly spare choline. I feel like the suppversity articles on choline are pretty good if you want to check those out.

answered Mar 5, 2015 by peatón
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