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Exercise induced rhinitis?

Anyone know why this is happening? Google says an allergic reaction so would an antihistamine help? I never used to have this at all

asked Mar 2, 2015 by Stardust

2 Answers

you mean you have a stuffy nose after or during exercise?

answered Mar 2, 2015 by Nicholas

Pretty much. Really bad runny/blocked nose and sneezing like mad, as if I had a full blown cold, for a good few hours

If someone recommends you an antihistamine someone else will come up with a link about how antihistamine are bad. Ad infinitum.

Are you chronically somewhat congested? Dark circles? If yes, read on, otherwise disregard.

"Exercise rhinitis" sounds like a load of bullshit to me. I'm guessing you've a biofilm infection. Kill it. Use a sauna every other day and every other day run a neti-pot of xylitol solution through your sinuses. Get it all the way up; turn your head upside down. You can buy xylitol at some grocery stores.

A course of tetracycline and/or erythromycin in conjunction with saunas and xylitol solution irrigation might be worth considering. The sauna gets your blood flowing through all the tissues that don't get much blood flow and can get the antibiotics to the sites where they need to do their job.

answered Mar 3, 2015 by 4a552f55cbb9

My gym has a sauna but i've never been there. Beside it's not mixed and I find myself uncomfortable surrounded by naked men that can potentially be homos, I don't know how much time of sauna would be healthy since the temperature is so high.
How do you control the time you are inside the sauna and what temperature should I look for?

How much xylitol one should use in solution? I'm assuming in addition to salt as usual (to make water isotonic saline).

The most important thing with regard to the sauna is spending enough time in the heat to get properly railed up the ass by two fags. One is not nearly enough time, even if the temperature is over 170F.