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Gelatin -How much is too much?

I have that Great Lakes Hydrolyzed Collagen (and some plain Gelatin for making actual jello stuffs).

I take about 3 tablespoons a day.

I know Peat recommends it if you are eating muscle meat (which I often do, like jerky).

But I don't know if you recommends it on its own. I have heard a rumor the Rubins at EastWesthealing recommends a ton more than I take.

Its a great way for me to get protein since I don't drink milk.
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Ray said in one of his podcasts : it's not so much about the quantity, but more about the quality. I know people like clear guidelines, but this is one of the things that depend on context.
I think that Great Lakes is pretty good quality ;)
Exactly :D. I personally use NOW Foods gelatin because it is less expensive and it seems to do the job. After all, it was with that gelatin that I found out about Ray Peat, because I wanted to understand why it cured my constipation. I haven't been constipated for 5 months now, I think.

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"In some of the older studies, therapeutic results improved when the daily gelatin was increased. Since 30 grams of glycine was commonly used for treating muscular dystrophy and myasthenia gravis, a daily intake of 100 grams of gelatin wouldn't seem unreasonable, and some people find that quantities in that range help to decrease fatigue. For a growing child, though, such a large amount of refined gelatin would tend to displace other important foods. The National Academy of Sciences recently reviewed the requirements for working adults (male and female soldiers, in particular), and suggested that 100 grams of balanced protein was needed for efficient work. For adults, a large part of that could be in the form of gelatin." -- RP

Personally I have became very flabby and bloated with a high gelatin (even well dissolved) consumption ! If someone has a clue on it ?



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I already have digestive issues (pre trying out the gelatin) so maybe I will just hold steady at this amount. I don't want to risk any extra bloating! Blech! Let alone flabby!!
However I was not on hydrolyzed gelatin, and even less a "great lakes" quality.