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asked Feb 26, 2015 by -Alex
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Amen! This should be like a poster on my wall :D Doing good everywhere except most important - 1 :D Nice list :)

Gud. To me it seems your writing has become less colorful -Alex.


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I personally agree with occasionally skipping breakfast, or meals in general. I think "never being hungry" is a stress in the same way that "boredom" is said to be a stress by Peat.

answered Feb 26, 2015 by lvysaur

i've noticed the movement point to be true and very interesting to me. my new job requires me to walk probably 2hrs./day (not all at one time) and climb stairs probably 45min. to an hour a day (not all at one time). the muscles involved with climbing up and down, i believe, influence testosterone production....and my hormones feel much more in balance now.

answered Feb 26, 2015 by Nicholas

What job is that? you now work in a warehouse?I can imagine that would take some serious walking and climbing stairs.(provided much of the work isn't being automated with forklifts and such).

carpenter working in a massive three story building where i'm needed everywhere....

Ah nice....
Construction is one of the few worksectors left with active jobs.:) If I were a guy I would've chosen to be 're-educated' somewhere in that field too.

I actually tried to get into a traineeship in various sectors of construction,but no company was willing to give a female a chance to learn.
That's the crux,people/companies claim to be tolerant and pro-equality,technically 'on paper',but in reality they're just a bunch of narrowminded pussies.

unbelievably narrowminded...
i noticed in the northeast that females populated historic preservation trades more...there's not a single woman on our crew here in the south....

Not sure how it is in the US, but in a lot of countries the main reason for that is the fact that they are required by law to put up a seperate toilet + changing room if there's a woman on the construction crew. That's why most just don't hire any.

I'm working on my own version of this that is going to blow yours away. But in the meantime, I'll translate what Alex is trying to say to everyone:

1. Become a Danish spoiled brat and live off of your Dad's trust fund.

1.1 Read snake-oily multilevel marketing blogs to make yourself feel like you're doing "research."

2. By moving, I mean do viking reenactments as often as you can. They're really just the Danish version of Civil War reenactments, and KKK ceremonies, but they're still very fun. You can sign up here:

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2.2 I'm only mentioning this because Wheat&PUFAs has convinced me that this is important after he has been posting about it for the past 6 months.

3. Drink Gatorade or Pedialyte.

4. I won't admit it, but I still like aspects of Paleo and intermittent fasting. It makes me feel like a "man." Paleo allows me to still eat Frikadeller.

5. I'm parroting Fat Stone, a "metabolism expert" who has excess adipose tissue.

6. I got this from Durianrider.

answered Feb 27, 2015 by Westside PUFAs

Yeah fuck those snake oil salesmen trying to help you save money. FUCK EM!

This well educated grown up man needs a highfive and a handshake. If I could play "kanye west black skinhead" on flute while you were reading this out loud , I totally would.

good day to you sir and well done

I liked your post. It motivates the reader to explore new areas.

answered Feb 27, 2015 by Bukowski