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Emegency food storage

Say you want to bury a few five gallon buckets of food as emergency caches. The idea would be to store complete nutrition with the expectation that a cache would keep for at least a year, and provide at least a month's calories and nutrition should you need it. Curious what you guys would put in the buckets and how you'd pack the contents. Obviously you'd take care to apply silicone sealer to the bucket lid and throw in some dehumidifier packs. But the details of how to pack the contents matters.

I'm guessing rice as the staple. Is there a way to nitrogen pack jars of rice? Jars of frozen OJ concentrate might work as well. It's probably best to just go with commercially canned meats and oysters and liver, I suppose. Any thoughts?

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I would just buy a lot of canned goods. They last longer than what you're saying. "Complete nutrition" is a concept that is to this day is still not fully understood. Choline was recognized in 1998 as a vitamin. The cans will get you through until the smoke clears, if it clears at all. Then, your problem isn't food, it's nature/politics. A way to cook rice would be greatly beneficial though.

"Nutritional research has hardly begun to investigate the optimal ratios of minerals, fats, amino acids, and other things in foods, and how they interact with the natural toxicants, antinutrients, and hormone disrupters in many organisms used for food." - Ray Peat

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oj concentrate
canned seafood
canned vegetables
hard cheeses
(coconut oil / chocolate if you're eating higher fat)

can all be stored unrefrigerated for long periods of time and would provide you with a relatively balanced and "peat friendly" diet.
You could even do it without the rice if you don't have a way to cook it.

But always keep in mind what this wise man once said about emergency food storage:

"That's all well and good, but if you don't know how to fight all you're doing is gathering supplies for the toughest guy in the block"
-Bill Burr

You should probably stick a gun in one of those buckets too...

Sample day:
(Protein a little on the higher side because it's the apocalypse and you probably need it.)



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The whole idea is you stick them out in the woods well hidden. You just look like one of a dozen other campers scraping by. Mr. Thief doesn't know you have hidden supplies.