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Feeling "high" on thyroid?

Is it even possible? As my temperature increases, I feel like in a bubble and "high" like the gabaergic high. Coffee usually increases this feeling with thyroid, and aspirin

asked Feb 24, 2015 by John Frusciante

1 Answer

When taking a little cynoplus and cynomel after waking up, as I have done in the last three days, I end up feeling anxiety-free for a few hours. The same thing happened to me for a few days after smoking weed, the few times I tried it. No anxiety or tics.

I'm not advocating weed use. I feel shady talking about weed. And it has some bad side effects too in my experience. But yes, I do feel a kind of "high" after taking thyroid, a general pleasant feeling, mentally and physically. More extroverted too, and the surroundings look more interesting. Sort of like an ill-famed marijuana high.

answered Feb 24, 2015 by dogg

Nice. But it's a weird high in my opinion, I feel sleepy. Can it be T3 lowering stress hormones? I get the same thing from coffee, instead of an activating effect from it.