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Negative health effects from short/bad night of sleep?

For those of you with a fairly regular sleep cycle, what are the negative effects of just one very short (less than 3 hours) or very broken (waking up many times throughout the sleep)? Say that the next night you go back to your regular sleep cycle. Are there lingering negative health effects?

asked Feb 24, 2015 by max219

I can "feel" my organs the next day.

I just had 3 nights of about 1 hour sleep each night due to a bunch of all night partying kids in a flat below me. Even after the first night I felt terrible/ murderous/ drugged/ zoned out/ suicidal. It has much more of a detrimental effect on me than a poor diet. It takes me a long time to get back on track. Sleep is number one...preferably asleep before midnight, uninterrupted 8+ hours, in a wifi and EMF free area.

'A single night of poor sleep probably causes significant anatomical damage to the streaming cellular systems that will be repaired over the next few days if a high level of energy metabolism can be combined with a sufficient amount of deep sleep.' - RP