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Cynoplus + cynomel dosage?

I have a bottle of each. Both are expired since August 2014, but they seem to be working. I was avoiding touching them.

I was feeling very ill yesterday. So I gave in and took 1/6 cynoplus and 1/6 cynomel and felt very much better twenty minutes later. Then I took some more cynomel throughout the day. 1/6, twice. I did it like that today too.

Physically I feel way better. I feel calmer. I'm more confident, even a little cocky. I definitely feel better than before. But I'm unstable. My thought process stops to a halt sometimes. Other times I'm talking too fast.

I must be doing this completely wrong. How much cynoplus should I be taking? Should I be taking cynomel at all?

asked Feb 23, 2015 by dogg

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This is the Broda Barnes protocol:

Starting dose: The size of a proper starting dose of thyroid will vary with the age and size of the patient. Usually a child under 3 years will not need more than one-quarter grain daily. By the age of six, one-half grain may be used in the beginning. A teenager or adult may safely be started on one grain daily. For a particularly large man or woman, two grains may be used - but no more than that at the beginning.

Further dosage : The starting dosage should be maintained for about two months. After that, if necessary, the dosage may be increased.

1 grain = 60 mg = 1/2 a Cynoplus.

Ray has said most people feel best taking between a 4:1 to 2:1 ratio of T4 to T3. Probably best to start with the Cyno (4:1) and then experiment later on if you need to add more T3 to change the ratio.

answered Mar 4, 2015 by ilovethesea

I am not sure if I am correct, but I was under the impression that 38mcg of T4 and 8 mcg of T3 was closer to 1 grain of NDT. This is why RP recommends starting at 1/8th cynoplus, which is closer to 1/2 of a grain.

Yes the brands vary in their exact T3 and T4 amounts but those sound right for 1 grain. (60 mg of Erfa has 35 and 8.)

Nothing wrong with 1/2 a grain to start. 1 grain has traditionally been the starting dose, held for 2 months. A lot of the info on STTM is incorrect IMO.

Sorry, this forum seems to be suddenly flooded with noob questions about thyroid supps, and I'm only adding to it...

answered Feb 24, 2015 by dogg

Took only Cynoplus yesterday, except before bed. Felt very fine at first but later my back became rigid and I felt kind of "hyper".

Took Cynomel and Cynoplus before sleep. (About 1/6th of each.) Slept very soundly, woke up with the feeling I had when I woke up as a child. A feeling of health, normalcy, well-being.

Took an initial dose of Cynoplus and Cynomel today. Feel fine. Anxiety and physical isssues have returned somewhat, though. But my hair loss, since yesterday, seems to have slowed considerably.

So I guess I'm sticking to 1/6th Cynoplus + Cynomel thrice a day. Seems to be working. Should it?

(Actually I think I took 1/4th of Cynoplus on some of these occasions. The whole "being meticulous about very small pieces of pill" thing is a pain in the ass. But overall it seems to be working.)

answered Feb 25, 2015 by dogg

This is an awful video, but the content is important. Why isn't my thyroid medication not working

This video of his bothered me. People can spend a lifetime trying to fix their issues with the right diet and get nowhere. A lot of people need these hormones and there's no way around it. Not only that, I would bet Josh takes thyroid hormone himself.

Either way, I respect his approach because he's raising awareness about the right foods we need to be eating.

^ I fully agree that diet can only get you so far.

Maybe it's a legal thing, non-MD practitioners need to be very careful recommending people get thyroid. Heck, even MDs that don't do the standard Synthroid thing and treat with T3 can get run out of practice. It has already happened to doctors in Canada and the UK.

Haha! That was totally me in the video. Even down to the niacinamide! I was taking all of those supplements. Felt no different (except couldn't sleep), and my temps got the most normal when I stopped thyroid and let Ray Peats dietary recommendations do their job. I can honestly say eating about 100g of protein was the most beneficial thing Ive learned. I would recommend anyone wanting to take thyroid eat at least 80g of protein in a day and see what happens. I also eat lots of juice and fruit sugars, and backed off the caffeine because it makes my feet freezing! My pulse is 90 all day, and my temps are 98.7 all day, 98 at night. The only off thing is my 97 wake up temp, but this may just be because I am so cool.

One more thought: As far as needing more vitamins while taking thyroid. I wonder why Broda Barnes had so much success without telling people to change their diet at all and/or smoking habits? His results were nothing short of amazing. I wonder if its because he made the patients wait 2 months to adjust, and if they were nervous he made them take it anyway because he said nervousness was likely caused by something else? Just a thought.

Maybe because people had more nutritious diets in general back then. It's only recently that sugar, dairy and organ meats have been so demonized. And I think our lifestyles are also 10x more stressful now than 50 yrs ago.

Zach: interesting about coffee/caffeine. You still dont use much of it? i feel maybe it does the same for me. Makes my feet cold etc.

Look at you talking to yourself here. I felt bad for you so I had to say something.

The fact that you're taking thyroid without labs raises a big reg flag. You have no idea what you're doing. Get labs.

answered Feb 28, 2015 by Westside PUFAs

Yeah, dude. I know this thread doesn't look good.

I wasn't planning on touching those pills before getting labs.

They did make me feel better. And my hair seemed invincible for a while there. There's something to this.

I stopped taking them now. I'll get those labs.

You can safely start with 5 mcg of Cynomel twice per day, but in regards to the Cynoplus, I'm not sure. After 5 days, you can take a third dose of Cynomel, assuming you feel good.

You should get labs because you may have elevated RT3 levels and T4 would only make this worse.

answered Feb 28, 2015 by Broda Barnes