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Eye Drops that actually work?

Is there any eye drops that work for dry-ish and foggy vision?
I had lasik surgery a couple years ago, my miopia went away, my vision is now perfect since then, the problem is i dont to fully enjoy it because I have this problem. Before having surgery it was terrible, my eyes were watery and my vision was shit. I've improved a lot after surgery, I just need to fix this.
It may be histamine related? thyroid?

Whatever, check my other threads too. In the meantime, I would like eye drops that actually help with this. I've tried acouple but they aren't good.
I want something that can be used long term and works. I've heard there are some anti-histamine eyedrops that also lubricate. I dont know let me know.

asked Feb 23, 2015 by phillpeat

I need help with this.

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I've assimilated various of Peat's ideas on this to make a hypertonic saline solution (7.5%) with a little bit of sodium bicarbonate and a little bit of urea.

Be careful not to put too much sodium bicarbonate or urea or it will sting.

answered Feb 23, 2015 by visionofstrength

Im terrified of fucking up. Any commercial alternatives?

I think you can buy hypertonic saline solution (at least 5%) at a pharmacy. Then just add a speck of sodium bicarbonate and a speck of urea. These are all non-toxic but too much will sting.

Im paranoid coupled with fatigued and extremely lazy, I like to buy stuff thats already to use. There isn't a single commercial eyedrop that works? ffs.

Please help with my eyes
There must be a good commercial solution that I can buy.

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