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Caffeine stimulates bowel movements?!

I noticed this was happening to me all the time, even years ago, but just now I'm paying attention to it: when I have caffeine, such as in coffee or coke, ecc. it almost immediately stimulates a bowel movement. Anyone else noticed this, and does it mean endotoxin expulsion is being stimulated?


asked Feb 23, 2015 by John Frusciante

It also stimulates gallbladder contractions (good to avoid gallstones).

Yes, accelerating intestinal transit reduces absorption of toxins. Maybe also some nutrients such as potassium and sodium that are absorbed in the large intestine, but I'm not sure

That is mainly the reason I drink coffee when I wake up, for the bowel movement and the taste. Not because of any energy I get from it.

No, that's pretty normal. And a healthy effect if helps make it regular. I have that with coffee too. Coffee is not the only thing that can do that, nicotine would have same effect. Possibly cascara too, but takes a little more time.

Yes, nicotine does the same effect to me too! What's the mechanism? Reducing NO?

On a first thought, it's just caffeine making the gut muscles move or relax, rather than magnesium. But on second thought, I'm starting to suspect some effect on the nerves/brain. Because I get that effect in some special circumstances not related to food. For example if I went through an unusually stressful week, I may get a bit constipated (no pain, but less regular movements) but on the Friday night my bowel will go back to normal. So, that's psychological. So maybe its caffeine stimulating the brain?

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I have the same experience. Even espresso does it for me.

I think it's magnesium in coffee, plus stimulation from caffeine.

answered Feb 25, 2015 by stevan