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Organic vs Non-Organic Coconut Oil?

Does it matter which one you use? What's the difference?

asked Feb 21, 2015 by Anon

3 Answers

I just ordered some 'regular' coconut oil instead of the organic. Tropical traditions says :

Because this coconut oil does not go through the expensive organic certification process, it is much more affordable than other coconut oils sold as "organic" or "virgin," yet we feel it rivals or is superior to many other coconut oils on the market that are over-priced. The coconuts that are sourced to produce this pure coconut oil come from the volcanic rich soil of Quezon Province in the Philippines...blah blah

So I'm hoping its the same stuff without the certification. Something akin to what I've heard at small farmers markets - their produce does not use the bad guys but its too cost prohibitive to get and keep organic certification.

Organic is always preferred. This is what they say:

Tropical Traditions Organic Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil is made from certified organic coconuts that have NOT been treated with chemicals or fertilizers. It is certified organic according to European and USDA standards.

answered Feb 21, 2015 by inflamed

The very best beef and eggs I could find were both not labelled organic, and comparatively cheap. Extrapolate from that as you will.

answered Feb 21, 2015 by Kiran

I try to avoid non organic beef because of injected hormones. It's best to find a good source like this, near you, where it comes from one farm:

This place near me has their own small store that you can walk in and buy. No middlemen, or middlestore.

As long as its advertising itself as 100% saturated fat, is hard when the room temperature is cool and melts on a hot day / in your hand, and of course smells slightly like coconut - it's probably legit. Peat has mentioned that he once got some shitty coconut oil that had the consistency of lard, so watch out for that. How the oil behaves in different temperatures can be very revealing.

answered Feb 22, 2015 by PeatNoob