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David from Missouri

Please stop calling now and then. I enjoy your questions but its become a bit tiresome when you come on like clockwork as the first caller. No offense intended :-)

asked Feb 21, 2015 by inflamed

What are you talking about?

of course you don't know what inflamed is talking about BB. if you had listened to all of the Peat interviews then you would know who David from Missouri is. But you're one of those people who doesn't like to do research on anything. you just want to tell everyone your problems but you aren't willing to be diligent enough to research and self experiment instead of just smoking cigarettes and eating pizza hoping that you'll get healthy one day. and thinking that josh rubins fat is healthy because he claims he has a temp of 98.6.

Shut up pussy. Stop hiding behind different usernames. No, I don't have the time to sit around and listen to Ray Peat interviews. I research plenty, probably too much. I don't smoke cigarettes so I'm not sure where you got that from and rarely, if ever eat pizza. Josh Rubin is my research. He has a thriving business and fine-ass wife and can left heavy ass weights. Clearly he's doing a lot right unlike you who just spends their time trolling and playing with their weiner.

"Smoking organic tobacco works pretty well, but that's not something that I would like to make a habit." - BB

"Josh Rubin is my research. He has a thriving business and fine-ass wife and can left heavy ass weights."

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Weed, isn't it a little unbecoming for you to be such a pathetic troll? There are better things that you can be.

I only troll those who troll me first. BB trolled me first by saying "∆∆∆ ignore this" and similar things under my posts where I was just sharing my nutritional opinion.

Same with you. You trolled me first back when I posted the humor intended "Why is everybody here white?," where I was making fun of how the nutrition/health culture/health food store culture is 99.9% white people from the US, Canada, Europe and OZ, and how non whites don't care about it.

Have you checked yourself for hernia from all those deadlifts?

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That guy is so stupid. I think he was the one who asked Peat "How do bears and squirrels do it?" meaning how do they eat PUFA. And one time he said "Orange juice makes my throat "phlegmy." What a moron. But the worst is the lady who calls every single Herb Doctor show and is annoying as fuck. I don't know why Andrew Murray keeps taking her phone calls. But almost every call is a waste of Peats time because they only have a few minutes to ask for advice, and it ends up just being an awkward exchange for 3 minutes until they hang up on them, or worse, sometimes longer, taking up the shows time. They need to not take phone calls. Andrew Murray is kind of dumb too, he stutters a lot, and annoyingly says "uh huh," "ok," "yea," "right," while Peat is talking and it makes it hard to hear what the fuck Peat is trying to say over the 2-bit buzzing phone connection from the 1970's even though the technology exists for clarity today.

answered Feb 21, 2015 by Westside PUFAs
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Maybe you should make your own talk show and invite Ray? I think Andrew has grown with the show, they are more interesting now than they were a year ago, and he's asking more intelligent questions now. Also i think that the show has benefitted from only having one host instead of two. And it's nice that they bring a monthly show with Ray, so he gets more time on the air.