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Using Road Salt Magnesium Chloride for Bathing

Hi everyone,

I'm considering buying magnesium chloride for using in my bathtub, and it's possible to get it in 25kg bags for almost no money. They are sold for salting the roads in the winter, to prevent formation of ice, so it's not explicitly made for bathing. But buying the stuff that is, is really expensive.

The chemical analysis sheet shows the following:

Magnesium chloride: 47%
Calcium chloride: 2.1%
Potassium chloride: 0.2%
Sodium chloride: 0.5%
Magnesium sulfate: 0.1%
Iron: 10mg/kg
Calcium sulfate: 0.02%
The rest is water

Also the heavy metal levels are:
Led: 0.1mg/kg
Arsenic: 0.1mg/kg
Cadmium: 0.01mg/kg
Mercury: 0.1mg/kg

It seems like it should be safe for bathing, but i thought i would be nice to hear your takes on it? Any concerns?

asked Feb 21, 2015 by Kranum

Are you aware that mag chloride is acidic?

I would use it with sodium bicarbonate, i guess that would neutralize it?