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Please help me help my Dad.

I am currently visiting my 70 year old father and his wife, who is a nurse. (We are not very close, and I haven't seen him for over a year, but I love him very much and want to see him in good health).

He had mentioned to me a few months ago that he has been diagnosed as a prediabetic, and the first thing I noticed upon my arrival was that he had lost some weight in his abdominal area. (He is a very big, muscular, robust guy and has been working out with weights). Good start.

I also noticed that he drank about 8 mixed drinks (with generous amounts of vodka) over the next 3 hours. That is nothing new, as he has been an alcoholic for as long as I've known him. He'll typically begin drinking in the early afternoon and continue until after dinner.

He has also always eaten lots of butter, fried eggs, and meat. In fact, he's always bragged that the eggs didn't seem to hurt his cholesterol. But I see that he's now taking Statins. (I have a feeling that he wouldn't share the extent of his alcohol consumption with the prescribing physician/nurse).

Although we're not close, he seems to value my opinion, but his wife is a little proprietary about his diet/medical care. (She is one to discourage the egg and butter consumption and encourage the salads with the "heart-healthy" dressing).

If you could offer my father one piece of advice, what would it be? (I don't think that he currently identifies as an alcoholic, and I don't think he will ever give up alcohol).

I would appreciate it if nobody trolls on this thread, because I may want to share it with him. Thanks in advance!

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I think the key to liver health is improving urea synthesis, thereby reducing ammonia and nitric oxide.

Urea, niacinamide and thiamine can be dissolved in water and added to any drink, including alchohol. They should be taken with each drink of alcohol.

Ammonia and nitric oxide levels in the intestine can be improved with magnesium bicarbonate water, raw carrot and coconut oil, cascara, tetracyclines, and activated charcoal.

The need to consume alcohol should simply diminish on its own as the liver and intestine improve.

answered Feb 21, 2015 by VoS

Thanks, VoS. Much appreciated. :-)

Peat - "The bulk powder from Farmalabor in Italy is the kind I like best, but US Customs can cause problems with that." (cascara)

Luckily, I have a connect in Italy.

Please get your dad on some desiccated thyroid, progesterone and pregnenolone.

"In 1976, I saw a 52 year-old woman who had the diagnosis of epileptic dementia. After 3 or 4 days of taking progesterone, her mental function returned to the extent that she could find her way around town by herself, and could work. A few months later, she returned to graduate school, got straight As and a master's degree. A few years later, a man in his 80s showed the classical signs of senile dementia, with childishness, confusion, self-centeredness, and unstable emotions. A few days after getting a mixture of thyroid, pregnenolone, and progesterone, his mind was again clear, and he was able to work on a research project he had set aside years before."

"I knew someone who had been addicted to morphine and alcohol for 30 years, who was drinking quarts of beer and wine daily when he didn't have morphine, who had an opportunity for a good job if he could get sober. Starting progesterone at bedtime (and stopping the wine), he said it was the first time he didn't have a hangover in the morning. He used enough progesterone to neuter most people, but said it didn't affect his sex function; he was taking a lot of Cytomel and magnesium, but wasn't drunk again as long as I knew him, and his general health improved.
[Continued] The person I described who recovered so completely took about 1000 mg of progesterone during the first night, and more than 1000 mg daily for a few weeks, but that much could make some people comatose; it's a matter of individual hormone status. I think the SSRI drugs continue to do harm, even when they reduce withdrawal symptoms."

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Thanks, Broda. :-)

Ha, no Problem. I also never treated an alcoholic who was not hypothyroid.

The way you describe him (robust,muscular etc) sounds pretty good for a 70 year old - actually any adult. Adding fruit would be a good idea. I'm sure his wife would support that idea as well ;)

answered Feb 21, 2015 by inflamed

Yes, he is doing pretty well for his age, but I'm a little concerned that the Statins are ill-advised, all things considered.
I agree about the fruit. Right now he gets plenty of juice in his mixed drinks, but that's about it.

I know how you feel. My dad is on a cocktail of 10 different medications which includes statins. Yes, 10. Possibly more. But he works hard and has lots of relationships and is a happy guy. So as much as I try to convince him that he should stop the medications and address his low thyroid, he is doing fine for his age and has aged well. He argues that his doctor is one of the best in New York City and feels he is in good hands, so telling him that he should get off the medications is basically out of the question.

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Translation: Don't overeat oils, dairy fat and muscle meats.

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The part of his advice that coincides with Peat is reducing polyunsaturated fats -which Peat thinks is the main cause of diabetes-, because Barnard advocates reducing all fats (therefore, also PUFAs).

His advice other than that is from a Peat perspective unnecessarily restrictive and probably counterproductive.

Barnard makes it very clear that avoiding oils is crucial. I disagree with him about soy and choline. He does have clinical research to back his claims on diabetes reversal. Barnard looks good for a 62 year old man. He is the kind of leanness that is healthy. He is energetic. He has no moobs or turkey neck, just 5 months ago:

7 minutes into the vid:

Too weak and frail.

I will admit that I used to be a very radical supporter of the PCRM, and to express solidarity with my feelings, my father would occasionally go so far as to order a veggie burger topped with bacon and cheese. That's about as vegan as he gets. :-)
Also: I've read a bit about saturated fat protecting against alcohol induced fatty liver, and I wonder about the effects of an overall lowfat diet on an alcoholic.

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I don't think that veganism from a nutritional standpoint is even necessary for anyone. But I do think that people over eat muscle meats, and dairy fat. Anyone with good observational skills can see that John McDougall is not 100% vegan. There are videos on youtube of him saying “Have a little turkey on Thanksgiving” and other old videos where he says that the only reason he promotes his program the way he does, is because he knows how hard it is for people to not eat the fatty foods, but he knows that people will still eat them, he just hopes that they really limit it to get results. I don’t even think Neal Barnard is truly 100% vegan is his own life. I think a lot of those people know that for promotion, they have to say 100%. Being 100% vegan is only for ethical vegans. There are only very few people who I think are true vegans. Most of the people on the internet, I don’t think are 100%. The only reason I research people like them are to get an understanding from all sides. i’m not dogmatic anymore. Some people can’t give up certain foods. The thing is though, you don’t have to give them up forever, or even for long periods of time. For me, I had and still am fixing major blood sugar problems. Having messed up blood sugar at 28 years old? It’s not fun.

I am experimenting with small amounts of butter and CO for liver health. I take butter and CO as a supplement by themselves, before I eat any starch, I wait at least 2 hours before I eat starch after I take it. i'll get labs after a while to see if it did anything. I think the key though is to no overdo it. Dave Asprey has diabetes, he's on meds, because he consumes way too much fat and has too much excess adiposity that contributes to that.

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"I would appreciate it if nobody trolls on this thread, because I may want to share it with him. Thanks in advance!"
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You probably have beady eyes and an extremely long, thin face with crooked teeth. Thanks to Weston A. Price and the FAT soluble vitamins, I have high cheekbones, a great smile, and a defined jaw.

I also think if you started to adopt the Peatarian principles, you will be able to address your Asperger's.


Sorry Kapow. I'm all done with this clown. I won't be returning to this thread. I wanted to help your father out, but when I see Rob posting non-peatarian garbage, I had to chime in. I highly suggest a combination of progesterone, thyroid, and pregnenolone. These things will bring cholesterol down. I wish your father the best.

The thing is, I don't think he necessarily needs to bring his cholesterol down. I talked to him last night, and found out that his LDL is about 140. He doesn't know his HDL, but I would imagine that it's high, considering the saturated fat, weight training, and alcohol.
So I would think that the cholesterol may actually be protective at this point. Anyway, thanks for your input!