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What food to take on the trip?

I will drive for a few days.

First day is less problematic because I will prepare for myself, but next days I will have to manage.

I am thinking about: milk, cheese, eggs

Fruits: fresh dates, ripe bananas,grapes

Juices: apple juice, orange juice, coconut water I will share with my friend.


Coconut oil

Raw carrots

I have also canned fish(sardines) in case when there is nothing to eat.
I prefer to avoid buying food on the way as I will drive mostly on the motorway and the quality of food is questionable.

I would like to eat minimum 3000kcal per day, so the food must be caloric dense, and easy to store, not meat though, and no cooking.

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That list looks good. I personally would avoid the sardines because of PUFA; canned shrimp might be a good alternative. I would bring along a jar of honey as well. If you are into gelatin you could make gummy squares ahead of time. Yes highway food is generally worthless, but you will likely pass through towns with a supermarket that is easily accessible from the highway, no? You can usually find decent sources of cottage cheese, greek yogurt and fruit juice even in small towns.

Thanks loess,

No canned shrimp with me I didn't find and honey I don't eat.

Yes I might go once on the way to the supermarket if I run out of food, but I do not think I will find a traditionally made cottage cheese in the supermarket and organic dairy.

I will drive mostly on the motorway and the quality of food is questionable.

It is easy enough to eat OK for just a couple days at McDonalds and Starbucks. They sell lattes, milk, OJ, and coke. I don't think a few plain bagels will kill you. Convenience stores and gas stations often sell hardboiled eggs and some cheese. Beer is relatively clean calories. Personally, I'd rather make judicious choices from the above menu than pack food for three days.

sweetened condensed milk. Here it comes in handy tubes, only annoying thing is the handy tube costs the same as twice as much in a can. Anyway it is good, if it is too sweet, drink some fluid with it.