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Toxin-Free Bedding

i wracked my brain over finding a toxin-free mattress that didn't start out at $2,000. Then i discovered the buckwheat mattress. i switched to a buckwheat hull pillow a year ago and it's perfect and practical and makes sense. For a full size mattress (and having to put together/design yourself), it costs around $700 including shipping. fyi

asked Feb 20, 2015 by Nicholas

That's an intriguing idea. I find buckwheat pillows weirdly comfortable, at least. And probably not a bad price for a mattress that would probably last longer than average.

Wouldn't the buckwheat get crushed during funny business though?

I bet that is their most frequently asked question that isn't in the FAQ.

What is wrong with the cotton & wool futon mattresses? Seems cheaper and easier than some DIY project.

Sounds pretty allergenic, having all that buckwheat dust in your bed. Plus all that organic matter is likely very prone to collect fungi once it gets more humid which bring in their own set of toxins.

What makes you think that the usual matresses are full of toxins? Usually you have cotton linens around so it shouldnt matter anyways?

4a - the expense...
Bukowski - there are also comfortability factors. the fungi is one thing i wondered about.....
apparently mattresses "off-gas" toxins - but i don't know if it's really true or not...

What expense? You mention $700 for this buckwheat stuff. You can get a perfectly good futon mattress for $500.

the expense of a cotton/wool non-futon mattress. i.e. something thicker than 4 inches.

i will gladly accept the challenge of you showing me a standard 7"-type mattress that is made of 100% all-natural ingredients which is cheaper than $1000 as a full size.

I had the buckwheat mattress, it's ok but you have to change buckwheat sometimes.
Now I have cotton/wool mattress, very thin, but I am happy with it.
With mattresses you just have to buy a cover mattress.

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Not toxin free but still good deal, better than buying more expensive regular:

use Rich Roll's promo code for discount:

"We offer a zero-risk, 100 night trial of our mattress. That means if the Casper isn't perfect for any reason, we'll send a courier to pick up the mattress and refund you 100%. Depending on local restrictions, we will either donate the bed to a local charity or recycle it. No “springs” attached!

So even if you insist on shopping around for your new mattress, why not try Casper while you do it? "

A toxin-free product from them would be awesome.

answered Feb 22, 2015 by Westside PUFAs

With the amount of pussy I slay, a Tempur-Pedic is my only option.

answered Feb 23, 2015 by Broda Barnes

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